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George Rebane: Post-citizenship America

George Rebane
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Perhaps no recent issue of national contention illustrates the differences of how our two polarized sides see the future direction of America than does the debate about whether the 2020 census should include the citizenship question.

The original intent of the census had to do with redistricting and reapportionment. That intent was carried out with our census from 1820 to 1950 by counting American citizens, which then determined membership in the House of Representatives and the Electoral College for the several states. In the 20th century an accurate citizen count provided by the census was also used to determine the allocation of federal dollars back to the states under various programs that Congress legislated.

Later, a count of citizens was also required to redraw Congressional district boundaries under the Voting Rights Act. To enforce that law, the so-called “majority minority” districts must be so drawn so that at least 50% of the voters — i.e. citizens over 18 — are members of the minority in question. Moreover, the one-person, one-vote principle requires that Congressional districts contain essentially the same number of people. All of these requirements and more, that allow our republic to function, require a meaningful count of the nation’s citizens.

The fundamental question of apportionment comes down to how accurate citizenship data might affect the number of House seats and Electoral College votes. A recent Supreme Court ruling based apportionment on all “persons” physically present in a state as required by the Constitution. And here started the debate about what was really meant by “persons,” “inhabitants,” “citizens,” and so on. Lawyers and legal scholars David Rivkin and Richard Raile dissect all this in their piece entitled,“Should Noncitizens Be Represented in Congress?” The short form of the national sentiment is that the Right says no and the Left says yes.

Each side’s view is part and parcel of the opposite directions in which they see the future of our country. The Left sees America as part of a globalist world in which national borders essentially disappear, people will migrate freely and in perpetuity from here to there, and citizenship in a sovereign nation-state becomes as moot as the sovereignty of the nation-states themselves. The Right sees a future world of sovereign nation-states enduring in a global community, connected by peaceful, mutually beneficial trade and commerce; a community which sustains the rich diversity of cultures because each of them has a secure homeland in which people may pass on to future generations their treasured traditions, customs, beliefs, language, and arts. Such would be a world of “globalization” as opposed to the one-world government of “globalism.”

Almost all countries today count their citizens for more than the reasons given above as globalization becomes the new world order in the community of nations. The forces opposing this in America declare and seek its “fundamental transformation,” the prerequisite of which is the demolition of our democratic republic and the rewriting of our Constitution, this so as to change the United States into a compliant region with a population that has turned its back on the country’s history and its European heritage.

Today the most effective and rapid way to achieve this is through permanently porous borders, while blurring the distinction between American citizens, legal aliens, and illegal aliens who inhabit the land. First and foremost, what must be changed is the law stating that “anyone who enters the U.S. unlawfully is subject to involuntary removal and thus cannot be considered an inhabitant in the constitutional sense.”

The precise mechanism for this fundamental transformation of America is to restructure Congressional districts in a manner that amplifies the country’s left-wing voter base to create permanent Democrat super-majorities in both houses of Congress, as has already happened in Sacramento. It is easy to see how that can be achieved by first creating publicized welcoming sanctuaries that invite and succor the millions of illegals pouring over our border, and then counting citizens and non-citizens alike to achieve the desired reapportionment before ultimately granting the vote to all residents.

It is then that our republic will fade away to be replaced by a manipulable and manipulated democracy that will see little use in retaining any of the institutions and values that gave rise to America’s greatness.

George Rebane lives in Nevada County where he hosts Rebane’s Ruminations and is a KVMR commentator.


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