George Rebane: How to restore election integrity |

George Rebane: How to restore election integrity


Today our country continues unhappy with how our national election was carried out. Here we are not talking about voters unhappy that their candidate did not win, which happens with about half the voters in every election. Instead, we concern ourselves with the very large number of voters on both sides of the contest who are dissatisfied with various parts of the voting process, and believe with all the cited and documented irregularities of the November election, that something serious is amiss with how we have come to elect our political leaders in the 21st century.

The recent election brouhaha started in 2000 with the narrow victory of George W Bush, a win that was hotly contested by his opponent Al Gore, who took the country through a lengthy and torturous process which involved counting tiny bits of hanging chad from holes in punched-card ballots.

The 2004 election saw Democrats again voicing loud concerns over specifics such as voter registration, purging of dated voter lists, alleged voter suppression, long lines at polling places, and once more, voting machines with punch-card ballots. John Kerry was not happy with the election process that returned George W. to the White House, but fortunately he did accept the results, and that settled the matter.

Republicans John McCain in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012 gracefully took their losses to Barack Obama, and that provided eight years of electoral peace until Donald Trump’s electoral college victory overcame Hillary Clinton’s popular vote in 2016. The Democrats and Mrs Clinton would have none of it.

Even though Clinton conceded the following morning, she and the Democrats claimed that the election was illegitimate because Trump had colluded with the Russians whose alleged interference gave Trump the White House. The election was contested by the Democrats starting months before election day, and went on for Trump’s entire four-year term with investigations and impeachments that demonstrated misconduct by Obama’s DoJ and the FBI. To this day, most American progressives still believe and deport themselves as if Donald Trump has been an illegitimate president.

So we see that beginning at the turn of the millennium, Democrats have in one form or another contested the voting processes that resulted in Republican presidencies. This means that at least half of the country has already had serious doubts about how our nation conducts its national elections.

And then when 2020 rolled around, President Trump’s political enemies pulled out all the stops, including an obviously gratuitous “bipartisan” second impeachment (10 Republicans joining all Democrats), to discredit the incumbent with new allegations supported by one-sided news media that tout ongoing investigations barren of any adjudicated evidence to support the Democrats’ assault.

The election year arrival of the COVID pandemic, along with the fomented Black Lives Matter and Antifa movements, changed the entire political landscape of the world and served only to add more fortuitous fuel to the fire that already raged around President Trump. Concurrently, we witnessed a number of key states suddenly and unconstitutionally change their election laws and voting processes leading up to November, which involved everything from adopting whole new categories of mail-in ballots, new voter and ballot validation rules, along with extraordinarily extended voting periods. All of these stratagems obviously favored one candidate over the other.

Team Trump launched a spate of lawsuits to counter these machinations, but to no avail. Their collected reams of evidence of election “irregularities” have to date been rejected by the courts on mostly procedural grounds. No evidence has been adjudicated in open court, predominantly on the grounds that it would not have changed the election’s pro forma outcome.

This response to the numerous legal complaints, all of which have been filed in vain, has today convinced the other half of our nation that our elections can be and may well have been rigged, and that our justice system is at least broken, and perhaps even corrupt.

So the bottom line is that public confidence in America’s election process is at a dangerous all-time low, that divisive contesting of election results is now the new norm, and that if we don’t restore broad confidence in our elections, then it is very likely that we will have blood in the gutters as we dissolve into the Banana Republic del Norte.

It is for this reason — and not to deny Joe Biden the presidency — that the assembled body of evidence should be examined by, say, another trusted bipartisan commission (see the 2005 Carter-Baker Commission) that would then issue recommendations to remedy future elections.

To reduce the inevitable heat from such a critical undertaking, the commission need not even adjudicate the verity of the evidence it examines.

George Rebane is a retired systems scientist who lives in Nevada City.

Editor’s note: In a number of cases, judges asked for evidence and received none, or the evidence did not meet the court standard for acceptance. In others, the cases did not meet the court’s criteria to be heard, including at the U.S. Supreme Court.

George Rebane is a retired systems scientist who lives in Nevada City.

Editor’s note: In a number of cases, judges asked for evidence and received none, or the evidence did not meet the court standard for acceptance. In others, the cases did not meet the court’s criteria to be heard, including at the U.S. Supreme Court.

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