Gary Litke: Don, you’re fired |

Gary Litke: Don, you’re fired

Don Trump, please come in and sit down. As required by our by-laws, our company conducts a CEO performance review every four years. As chairman of the board, I’d like to go over that with you. We have 50 major divisions within U.S. of A Inc., and many of those have spoken favorably of you.

However, a majority of our stakeholders have found your performance to be inadequate, chaotic and disruptive. No Don, that’s not fake news. The negative reviews are based on readily available data and your own words. So, let me review our concerns:

As head of human resources, it is your job to manage our company health care coverage, coordinate responses to dangerous or harmful circumstances and ensure a safe, orderly environment in which to work. You have been woefully deficient in carrying out these duties.

You promised to provide us with a much better health plan — one that was cheaper, more comprehensive and would cover everyone regardless of pre-existing conditions. You said, “It would be easy.”

In four years, all you have done is try to take away the coverage we have, offering nothing in its place. In fact, you have sued to remove our employee coverage. You have completely mismanaged a companywide outbreak of the coronavirus.

Specifically, there have been over 10 million infections and 250,000 deaths in the last year. This is unacceptable. When questioned, your responses have been to deny the problem, send interoffice memos saying we are “rounding the corner” or denigrate our highly trained medical staff, calling them “idiots.”

Frankly, it has been frightening to watch your ineptitude. Our employees are our most important asset, but you just said, “It is what it is.” Additionally, you have referred to others in our company by childish name calling.

Don, you are an adult, the leader of our organization. Calling others “Crazy Nancy,” “Pocahontas,” “Little Adam” and even “Sleepy Joe” is beyond unacceptable and would be grounds for a harassment lawsuit in most circumstances. Your actions, words and divisiveness have caused this company needless pain and sown discord throughout the organization.

Let’s move on to management practices. When we hired you, we overlooked many professional weaknesses that have caused U.S. of A Inc. a great deal of concern. Six of your previous companies went bankrupt and too late we learned you have continued this practice. During your 2016 employment interview you promised to erase our yearly debt in just eight years.

However, while CEO our total company debt has increased by 36%. Fiscal conservatism was forgotten with a misadvised restructuring of our tax liabilities that gave our most wealthy a tax reduction of $50,000 while giving little if any relief to our lowest paid workers. You promised to reduce our trade deficit with other global companies, but that will soon reach its highest point since 2008.

In short, your policies are not working. OK, the stock market was up, but the majority of our workers struggle with housing, income inequality and stagnant wages. Others have reviewed your work, and according to the Economic Policy Institute, your “erratic, ego-driven, and inconsistent trade policies have not achieved any measurable progress.”

Personnel management has been a disaster. You promised to “drain the swamp” and that you “knew the best people” to fill vacant executive positions. In reality what you did was change the swamp into a cesspool. Seven of your hires were criminally indicted or imprisoned, there has been a 91% turnover rate in your executive team, and 60 people have left or were fired.

Maintaining continuity or structure has been impossible. Members of your team have called you “erratic,” “stunningly uninformed,” “unfit for office,” “an idiot” and “unhinged.” Who better to know your true character than those you hired and then fired when they would not bend to your whims? It seems the only people who support you are family members with no experience or expertise you placed in positions of authority.

You frivolously wasted company money playing golf even though you said, “I’m going to be working for you, I’m not going to have time to go golfing, believe me.” Don, reliable estimates now put the cost to our company at $142 million for you to go golfing over the last four years, with much of that money actually coming back to you personally as you have charged the Secret Service over $1 million for hotel rooms and golf cart rentals at your own golf courses.

Don, you can stay on until January, but, pardon my finger in your face … you’re fired!

Gary Litke lives in Grass Valley.

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