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Eve Ggem: On Kobe Bryant, a response to Don Rogers

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Eve Ggem

This letter is addressed to you, Mr. Don Rogers, publisher. I don’t know where to start, I don’t have time to do this, but there’s no way I will forego telling you how utterly inappropriate the public printing of your personal view of Kobe Bryant was, even more so at the two week anniversary of his tragic death.

Furthermore, for those of us for whom he will always be an inspiration and a hero, it is also crushingly hurtful.

At age 18, Kobe Bryant was hired by the Laker organization for two simple reasons, to win games; to bring championships to Los Angeles. That was his job which he did perfectly, for 20 years.

Yes, he was human, with faults and frailties. However, unlike the rest of us, in one area of his life, he was perfect, he was super-human! He strived for this perfection every day of his life. Strived with a merciless determination, in exhaustion, in pain, in injury. Every single game he played he gave his soul and 100% of himself. When his team was down and victory was within minutes for the rivals, he morphed into the Black Mamba, eyes ablaze, teeth clenched, flying in the air, running, dodging, maneuvering over and around all obstacles. Rival players cringed, Los Angeles fans cheered and sighed with relief. Kobe would snatch yet another victory!

Many asking themselves, as I do, why are we so distraught over the loss of someone we have never met?

For these reasons, his team players and his rival players all have wept openly on TV. Hundreds of thousands around the world have conveyed their grief.

Lastly, for two solid weeks, grief stricken fans made the pilgrimage to Staples Center, filled massive billboards each day with their heartfelt feelings at his loss. Many asking themselves, as I do, why are we so distraught over the loss of someone we have never met? I do not know why — I do know his charisma, fearlessness and fervor enveloped us like a giant cloak of invincibility and I loved him deeply, as did so many others.

Mr. Rogers, I suggest you watch the immensely moving video of the beautiful Cello Tribute to Kobe Bryant. Then perhaps take a “Shot at Atonement” for the utter insensitivity you have shown to so many of us for whom he was our hero and our brother. As a publisher, please have respect and consideration for your readers. Don’t speak ill of the dead and keep mean-spirited personal views to yourself.

P.S. Thank you Los Angeles Times for your beautiful eight-page memorial tribute. Thank you, Time magazine for your moving front cover and article. With immense sadness, Mamba out.

Eve Ggem and her “BFF” German Shepherd, Kobe, live in Nevada City.

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