Eric Christen: GOP gathers for liberty |

Eric Christen: GOP gathers for liberty

Nevada County was the center of the political world, it seemed, over Labor Day weekend as local Republicans and freedom supporting independents and Democrats held an election year fundraising protest. The event was attended by more than 200 people and raised more than $20,000.

It was a time to come together as a supportive community and to re-energize ourselves after so many months of freedom-robbing restrictive orders. Those in attendance were able to socially interact outside safely, to laugh and smile and to greet one another without the dehumanizing masks of anonymity the state is forcing on us.

The event was headlined by British conservative iconoclast Katie Hopkins. Hopkins reminded us that we live in the greatest country on Earth and our First Amendment rights are secure because of our Second Amendment rights.

In contrast, she said that her home country does not have the right to bear arms and the government has taken away and trampled on the God-given rights of their citizens to freely express themselves pointing out the glorious nature of our unmatched Constitution. Katie’s stories of having her speech curtailed, losing her properties, and having to defend against lawsuits from a Katie-specific law passed by the British government are examples of what awaits our country if we do not stop the socialist agenda now being adopted by the Democrat Party.

She reminded the crowd that it was not an exaggeration to say that this is the most important election in our nation’s history.

Among the many speakers were U.S. Rep. Doug LaMalfa, Placer County Supervisor Kirk Uhler and state Assemblyman Kevin Kiley. LaMalfa spoke about his time in California state government and how Republicans had not only a governor to stop reckless spending and regulation, but also had enough members to force Democrats to negotiate with them. Neither of those things are true now, leading to the flood of anti-worker legislation and increased government spending we see annually from the legislature.

Supervisor Uhler spoke to the issue of the government-mandated shutdown that has devastated businesses, increased unemployment and forced children to be isolated at home despite them being almost immune to COVID.

He specifically zeroed in on Gov. Newsom’s latest subjective criteria for allowing businesses to open and used graphs to show how the utilization of the governor’s ad hoc metrics would result in no county ever being allowed to fully re-open. He informed the gathered that the Placer County Board of Supervisors was scheduled to vote to lift the emergency declaration that had forced the county to be shut down, something the board voted unanimously for on Tuesday.

Assemblyman Riley shared his experience in the Legislature and castigated Democrats for allowing the governor to act like a king where executive orders took the place of actual legislation that should be the rightful domain of the Legislature. He said Democrat leaders were content allowing the governor to take the heat for his myriad of failures related to COVID 19 instead of actually governing themselves so as to avoid any accountability.

It was a great time of food, drink, discussion and community for all.

Eric Christen is a Grass Valley resident and member of Free Nevada County, a group dedicated to freeing Nevada County from government mandates that harm businesses, students and all free citizens.

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