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Ed Keegan: Don’t derail train that’s on track

I was truly appalled to read Don Roger’s opinion supporting the recall election. Never mind the cost or the blatant right-wing politics of this effort that started right after his election.

Understand this fact: if the recall is passed, the candidate with the most votes wins. Given 45 candidates, that really means someone with 5% of the vote could be our next governor.

Given the propensity of our populace for the Kardashians, this could easily make Caitlyn our next Arnold.

Scarier yet is the notion that an organized voting block on the right could elect an ultra-conservative candidate who could easily follow the path of executive ordering us way down a road similar to that of Hungary. It is the fundamental opposite of democracy to allow a well-organized statistical minority to gain control of the government. See Germany in the 1930s.

I am stunned that Mr. Rogers would chastise Newsom’s efforts to control the COVID-19 virus, and say they didn’t work — and in the next sentence he confirms it’s because a large segment of the population ignored them.

That’s like the county fair requiring masks and 99% of the attending crowd (except those inside food booths) ignored them, including fair staff, and wondering why Nevada County is one of the worst COVID-19 counties in the state.

That same population, with the opportunity to elect a governor with a small minority of the vote could cause havoc. Rogers calls Hungary appalling. I call California with Larry Elder running the show in office scary for working class people on issues from wages to heath care to public safety.

I watched the debate on Fox TV last night among leading Republicans Falconer, Cox and Riley. They tripped over themselves trying to reconcile the need for parental and individual control versus even local county and school district control with regard to both masks and vaccine mandates despite all of our desired end result of open schools and public health safety.

The end result is that they will not enforce any requirement for public safety in our schools or work places if people don’t want to do it.

Their method for addressing homelessness ranged from a town’s right to just “move them along” to mandating treatment to garner shelter. As if a person with a living unit can say no to a vaccine, but If you’re homeless, they can pick you and dose you with whatever they think necessary. As if moving them solves anything — unless it’s to Texas.

Easy to point fingers with 20/20 hindsight, harder to come up with real answers that stand up under scrutiny — even when it’s Fox asking the questions.

The solution is not to endorse undermining our system of government with an inevitable anti-democratic recall result, but to deal with the issues in a regularly scheduled general election, already on the books for next year.

Don Rogers should know better than thinking we take the cheap shot and not “waste a recall” rather than actually force the minority in this state to propose answers and vet their accusations in the public forum and in an election decided by the majority of Californians.

His willingness to “pull the cord on a locomotive” can easily derail the entire train. But then again, that’s what some want, so that in the ensuing chaos they can rise.

California has problems, but is not so bad as to risk it all instead of waiting until the election next year. Vote “no” on the recall.

Ed Keegan lives in Penn Valley.

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