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Dick Tracy: What ‘We’re here for you’ really means

Dick Tracy
Dick Tracy

Over the 30 years I’ve lived here, I’ve had numerous opportunities to use the services of the Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital. Sometimes it’s been for things as simple as a blood draw to check my level of Cumadin blood thinner at the lab in Building Four.

Most recently, though, I arrived by ambulance in fear of my life when congestive heart failure, pneumonia and a intramuscular disorder called Myasthenia gravis teamed up to take me down.

From the moment I was wheeled into the emergency room until being transferred from the intensive care unit several days later, I felt I was in the best of hands. “Compassion” and “caring” aren’t listed among the items Medicare was billed for, but I got both in abundance.

At one point, when I was trying to entertain my medical team, a charge nurse held my feet and quieted me; ‘Dick, you’re not here for us … we’re here for you.”

That slogan should be chiseled in stone somewhere.

Every single member of the staff treated me like family.

Eventually the level of my condition called for transfer to Mercy Hospital in Sacramento, with its greater range of specialists. The care there was all it was noted for, but I missed “my team” in the foothills.

At one point there would be gatherings at the door to my room in which a “Robo-Doc” (whom I later met in person at Mercy) would consult with my numerous caregivers … him speaking from a motorized screen – with his little boy playing with toys in the background. It was like watching science fiction.

To thank all those people by name would sound like one of those overly long acceptance speeches at the Academy Awards. And I’d probably miss someone important.

To all of you, please accept my heartfelt thanks. I’m home again, and recovering nicely.

And to everyone reading this, I hope you’re proud we have such a facility in our community.

Dick Tracy, who lives in Grass Valley, is a member of The Union Editorial Board. His views are his own and do not represent the views of The Union or its editorial board members. Contact him at EditBoard@TheUnion.com.

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