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Dick Tracy: Something we should be proud of

Dick Tracy | Other Voices

Approaching the age of 84 holding two walking sticks or pushing a walker, I’m constantly surprised and grateful at how many times strangers take extra time to hold open doors or ask, “May I help you with something?”

It’s simple courtesy, but it gladdens my heart to confirm that people are kindhearted and good.

It shouldn’t be surprising in small shops in Grass Valley or Nevada City, but even in larger box stores when I ask a clerk where to find something instead of them saying, “Aisle 12,” they almost always say, “I’ll show you.” Then they might offer advice on what I’ve sought! Plus, they often carry the item back to the checkout counter.

Once, in a large store, I was looking for the nearest clerk to pin down the location of a certain skin cream and a man asked if he could answer my questions.

“I know where that is,” he said. “Follow me.” He found it and pointed out that if I bought two bottles, the second one would be half price! He carried them to the counter, too, and departed with a friendly wave. And he was just another customer!

The funniest incident, though, occurred in Cody, Wyoming.

We’d just finished dinner with my stepson’s family and I was preparing to climb into the front seat of their big F-350 when I felt a hand on my backside and this big cowboy catapulted me up into the truck!

“There ya go, pardner!” he said and waved as he walked down the sidewalk. I was laughing so hard I could barely shout, “Thank you!”

And the same goes for all of you.

Dick Tracy lives in Nevada County.

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