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Dick Tracy: It’s another world …

Dick Tracy

My grandfather often philosophized: “I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor. Rich is better.”

I’m sure that concept is shared by many, including the individual (as reported in TIME magazine) who recently paid $146,000 in an online auction for a vintage cognac from 1762.

What does one do with a bottle like that? Invite your best friends over for a unique tasting? Then what? Put the old bottle in a display case?

Or show it off for awhile and hope someone else will think it’s worth more than you paid? Probably that.

In addition to this newspaper, I subscribe to the Wall Street Journal. It leans “right” politically as opposed to national left-leaners like the New York Times and Washington Post. And I want to hear what the thought is from that sector.

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But there’s plenty more to read about in sections such as “Mansions” that appears on Fridays. It’s fascinating to see how the ultra-wealthy live in homes with incredible accommodations. Like “Green Gables” in Woodside, California with several swimming pools among out-buildings on the 85-acre estate. The largest is the size of a football field!

No price is listed for the property, but my mind boggles just at the budget for maintenance. And how much time will the new owner actually spend there? That person has to make a lot of money for such luxuries, and that means being at the office.

As much as I enjoy reading the section, it makes my stomach cramp just a little.

I recently read that an American multi-billionaire is on the verge of becoming our first trillionaire. My mind can’t grasp “trillion” (the word’s not even in my dictionary) but I’m certain there’s a platoon of accountants trailing that money, and then he spends the day deciding what to do with it. I wonder if he’s a happy individual?

Some, like former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, decide that having power is more fun than just adding to the money bin, and he tried buying the Presidency. It cost him $85 million and didn’t work, and that may be too bad. He had some good ideas.

And he isn’t a political novice like our current president. Whose charm with his loyal base is that, “He’s not just another politician. He’s one of us!” Uh … whose daddy gave him $400 million to make his way through life.

I think I need a drink of cognac.

Dick Tracy, who lives in Grass Valley, is a member of The Union Editorial Board. His views are his own and do not represent the views of The Union or its editorial board members. Contact him at EditBoard@TheUnion.com.

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