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Dianna Suarez: Another example of bad faith from NID

Dianna Suarez
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Nevada Irrigation District has long claimed that it has only engaged with “willing sellers” in their quest to procure property along our Bear River for a proposal that is not even a project. It started not long after the secret vote to dam Bear River before anyone knew what was up.

According to the official Nevada Irrigation District meeting minutes of Jan. 14, 2015; James Conrads addressed the NID board regarding a property purchase at 15052 Magnolia Road. He and his wife were in escrow and at the end of the inspection period. The real estate agent received an all-cash, no contingency back-up offer from the (Nevada Irrigation) District, as well as a message to pass along to the Conradses. The message, and he quoted, “NID will own this property one way or the other.”

The message also confirmed the District would institute eminent domain and condemnation proceedings, if necessary. The agent, Raphael Carricato, operating on behalf of the District, was not authorized to provide any details about what the property action was stemming from, only that the offer was made by the (Nevada Irrigation) District.

Mr. and Mrs. Conrads decided to abandon the transaction before other deposits were in jeopardy. He had incurred a significant amount of escrow costs associated with the investigation of the property. He filed a claim for reimbursement with Mr. Crough, (assistant general manager of NID) and has had a number of conversations with him. He and his wife are asking the Board for any consideration or accommodation to reimburse the Conradses the significant costs, including legal fees.

Mr. Conrads stated that he is looking to set roots and start a farm and family in the Nevada County area. He has spent a great deal of money on the escrow for the property on Magnolia Road that he and his wife entered into and later abandoned. He is asking for good will. He pointed out that the District “got a great value” for the property. He is asking for the District to understand his position, and he expressed appreciation for the Board’s consideration.

NID Board, Directors Drew, Weber, Bachman, Miller, and Wilcox rejected the claim by James Conrads. End of meeting minutes.

This property was along Bear River. These official minutes demonstrate that the NID “Willing Seller” myth, is not true! “NID will own this property one way or the other.” That is the public face of Nevada Irrigation District in our neighborhoods.

Dianna Suarez lives in Colfax.

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