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Diane Miessler: Microchips? Really? And other wacky vax theories

I was dismayed but only slightly surprised to read that one in five Americans reportedly believes the COVID-19 vaccine contains a microchip.

We Americans love a good conspiracy, sadly to the exclusion of reason. Even Nevada City’s doggedly paranoid ex-mayor is on video saying, “They (public health officials) want to make sure every single one of you has been inoculated with an experimental software system,” to scattered cheers from those assembled. Have the hardworking people at public health departments everywhere been enlisted into this plan?

My thoughts about the microchip theory, and some others:

First, as a nurse who has given hundreds of vaccinations of various types, including COVID-19, I can say it would be physically impossible to do this.

The vaccine is drawn up from a five-dose vial. How would I be sure I drew up a tiny microchip with each dose? Even with a single-dose vial, how would I be sure the microchip wasn’t left at the bottom of the vial? And how would whoever is behind this nefarious scheme enlist the cooperation and silence of the tens of thousands of nurses who give vaccines?

If you’re thinking the microchip is somehow distributed in the syringes, this is also impossible. Syringes come in big boxes, and are used for multiple types of injections. If there is somehow a microchip inside the syringe, what would keep it from being left behind when the vaccine was injected?

For perspective, pet microchips are about the size of a large grain of rice, much too large to pass through the needle of a syringe.

And are factory workers actually cooperating with the insertion of tiny microchips into each syringe or vial in the factory? Have they all agreed to this plan, and why aren’t they talking about it?

A power source for the microchip is another pesky question. Pet microchips have no power source, and have to be scanned at close range to detect them. The idea that mass injection of microchips is being used to keep track of us all is unrealistic. Close-up scanning would be required to get whatever information could be stored in the tiny device. Pet microchips contain only an ID number that can be looked up in a database to find the owner. They don’t have the power to store new information.

Your cell phone is a vastly more efficient invasion of your privacy.

Another theory I’ve heard is that the vaccine causes sterility. If this were possible, a great deal of time and money could be saved on birth control, vasectomies and tubal ligations.

I hear people say the vaccine is too new to have been adequately tested for safety, yet unvaccinated folks who fall ill are willing to take newly developed monoclonal antibodies for COVID-19 (which are highly effective but fall under emergency use authorization) or use ivermectin, a treatment that has been shown to be both ineffective and dangerous (it can cause loss of vision, among other frightening side effects).

Donald Trump championed the development of the COVID-19 vaccine, to his great credit, and received it himself. It mystifies me that so many of the vaccine-hesitant are his supporters.

Hundreds of millions of people have received this vaccine. The side effects are far less dangerous than the disease itself — faint echoes of what COVID-19 can do. Over 95% of people hospitalized and dying of COVID-19 are unvaccinated. The safety and efficacy of this vaccine is undeniable.

No doubt true believers will find ways to get around my logic. Consider this, though: Try listening to your common sense instead of your suspicions.

Diane Miessler is a registered nurse who lives in Nevada City.


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