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Diana Garbin: ‘Me too’ movement is about sexual assault

In reply to Mary Pascale’s letter published on Jan. 18, I’m dismayed when people tag other issues onto the coat tails of a movement such as the “Me too” movement.

Ms. Pascale’s interpretation of the movement as being about anything else but sexual misconduct is a travesty. Women and men from all walks of life, young and old, are having the courage to step forward to tell their story of sexual abuse, aka rape, only to discover people may try to change their purpose. Make no mistake, this is a big first step in attacking the issue of sexual abuse, but let’s not attach all the other social injustices to make a point. Let’s make sure we take care of the abusers first and foremost and punish them fully.

The movement is about abused women, men and children. Abusers need to be punished not just embarrassed. Let’s not try to “fix” everything else in the process. Yes, it would be ideal to fix it all in one easy movement, however, I’m sure fixing all the other social ills would soon surpass what is at stake here. Namely, stopping all sexual abuse of females and males.

I’m all for equal pay etc., but the “Me too” movement is about sexual assault. Making it about something else appears demeaning for the courageous people who remained silent far too long and now have the courage to speak out.

Diana Garbin

Nevada City

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