Dennis McKenzie: Red state rising |

Dennis McKenzie: Red state rising

“Whada we want … DEAD COPS! Whenda we want it … NOW!”

This mantra was shouted numerous times by raucous BLM protestors in New York City on the night of Dec. 13, 2014. One week later NYPD Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos were both shot in the head execution style while sitting in their patrol car, by a black suspect who said he killed them in retaliation to the death of Michael Brown and of Eric Garner both by police officers.

Do you think there’s a connection between the BLM hate speech and the deaths of these innocent officers? You would be naïve if you did not.

“Pigs in a blanket … fry ‘em like bacon!” This was shouted by BLM marchers in Minneapolis in August of 2015, in reference to killing cops and putting them in body bags. Eleven months later in Dallas on July 7, BLM held a large “peaceful protest” when towards the end of this protest a lone black gunman killed (five) Dallas Police officers because, “I wanted to kill white cops!” Is there a connection? Of course.

How about the acronym they spray paint everywhere, “ACAB?” All cops are b—–ds! At a recent Portland rally one of their guest speakers shouted, “All cops should be strangled at birth with their own umbilical cords!” This same speaker says she would like to shoot cops and see them hung and electrocuted! Hate breeds hate and words have consequences. So far this year there has been a 28% surge in police officers killed including (seven) officers ambushed.

BLM was formed after the death of Travon Martin by George Zimmerman by (three) activist women who according to one of the founders, Patrisse Cullors, “We are trained Marxists. We are super versed on, sort of ideological theories and I think that could be utilized by many, many black folk!” Among other things their theology demands that: 1. The police be defunded; 2. Dismantle capitalism; 3. Break down the nuclear family; 4. Empty prisons; 5. Redistribute wealth in the form of reparations.

They are using the horrible death of George Floyd by a white police officer as the rallying cry that all cops are bad and the police must be defunded. They have succeeded in leading protests and riots all across America causing division throughout the country. A leader of the BLM Greater New York Chapter recently said this: “If this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down the system and replace it!”

BLM is NOT about justice against police, it is about tearing America down and replacing in with Marxism and using the police as a prop to spread their lies and hatred. Now, do we really want a Marxist country? All private property seized; government housing projects for all; jobs assigned by the party; health care rationed and schools turned into indoctrination compounds. Those that do not go along with these changes will be imprisoned; worked to death in slave camps or executed. Lenin and Stalin killed between 20 to 60 million of their own people to establish communism and Mao Zedong slaughtered over 45 million of his fellow Chinese. Check any communist country and you will find large scale deaths of their own citizens.

Guess what? This is not ancient history! It happened in the century when most of us were born. The 20th century. The most violent century of death and genocide ever! The idea that we get more enlightened with each century is belied by these facts. Do not think for a second that it can not happen again!

There is no doubt that many of the uninformed have joined BLM or contributed to them believing they are a well-meaning organization. It is all a hoax. If BLM really cared they would be protesting in the inner cities for better schools, safer neighborhoods and more job opportunities.

A BLM activist recently defended the looting in Chicago saying that it was not really looting. Black people were just taking property that they were owed as part of racial reparations and the store owners had insurance, so what was the problem?

BLM is spreading hate and lies that we are a racist nation. That is absolutely not true.

Do not give in to this propaganda. The future of our country is in the balance: Do we keep our democracy or give in to Marxism? Once we become a communist nation we can never go back.

Dennis McKenzie lives in Nevada City.

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