Dennis Farmer: Who is the fascist? |

Dennis Farmer: Who is the fascist?

I just tried, I say tried, to make it through a recent column on the supposed fascist traits of Trump and the Republican Party.

Everyone has a right to their own opinion, but not to their own facts. Let’s see if we can redefine the discussion a bit. There is a wide spectrum of political systems available to any country and without labeling either end, think of a line with anarchy, or zero government, on one end and total government on the other end. Seems a reasonable place to start.

At the zero end, there is no central or governing authority so tribalism evolves. My family and my tribe against your family and your tribe. You can see this today in Afghanistan where the tribalism has stunted any semblance of cultural growth for centuries. You can see this in one form or another throughout the Middle East, confounded by the two incompatible arms of Islam.

On the other hand, total government, whether it be with historic royalty, Tsarism, fascism, dictatorship, communism or any other “ism”— you have the government in total control. A core of elites make all decisions and with any rational sense we consider these to be less than optimal. Or at least until the educational establishment has corrupted our youth into thinking that communism or socialism’s history should be ignored and offers a better way.

Our forefathers were perhaps some of the brightest men ever assembled to establish a government of and by and for the people, entrusting them to keep watch on how their government behaves. They established not a democracy, but a republic.

Democracies fail once the electorate discovers they can elect a majority and it devolves into a mob rule. “I have the most votes so I can do what I want,” if you will.

Our republic was after a false start, founded under a Constitution that limited what it was allowed to do. Anything not specifically allowed remained under the domain of the state.

Now back to the discussion at hand: “Conservative fascism,” or Republicanism as elucidated by the author of this commentary. Since the inception of our Constitution, have we moved toward less government or more? Toward anarchy or toward “isms” like fascism?

Clearly, with every passing year more and more laws are passed. One would have to be locked up in isolation since birth not to recognize this as fact. The Obama regime passed 20,642 regulations during its tenure in an effort to cement “the new normal” in America, adding more than $22 billion per year in regulatory cost for a total over $100 billion for the annual burden, according to the Heritage Foundation.

President Trump made a small dent in these regulations, which helped his quest to rebuild our economy and erase the “new normal.”

Based on this, I ask you: Who is the facist?

Dennis Farmer lives in Grass Valley.

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