Dennis Babson: On the West Coast Walk for Life |

Dennis Babson: On the West Coast Walk for Life

Columnist Terry McLaughlin recently wrote about her memorable experience at last month’s West Coast Walk for Life in San Francisco (The Union, Feb. 16).

During the rally before the walk, seven pregnant women went up on stage and placed microphones against their bellies. When the crowd realized what was happening, they grew silent, which is not easy for a group of 50,000; my wife and I were there as well.

Soon all could hear the little thumping of those hearts! A roar of excitement erupted from the throngs of people. It was no mistake, these were human hearts beating! Our hearts begin beating at six weeks gestation.

Terry’s column was insightful and well written. It reminded me of when we describe a pregnant woman as being “with child.” Those are little humans in there, our children; our sons and daughters. Terry also talked about the recent actions of New York and Vermont representatives introducing legislation legalizing “late-term” abortions, beyond the current 24 weeks up to and including birthing. A majority of abortions are performed before the third trimester, but these little heartbeats remind us that life begins long before that, at the moment of conception.

Ironically, on the very next page was a column by Darrell Berkheimer talking about President Trump’s State of The Union speech and how a group of women dressed all in white represented “… those disgusted with the injustices so obvious in our nation.” Mr. Berkheimer went on to attribute this new wave of equality with recently elected New York Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and engendered through a book authored by Riane Eisler “The Real Wealth of Nations.”

What caught my attention was the quote: “Eisler points out that our children are our greatest capital assets, and the real wealth of any great nation.” Berkheimer continues advocating for the election of more women in state and federal offices “… because women are more nurturing and will place the highest priorities on the needs of our citizens — especially our children.”

How are we going to accomplish that if we’re killing our children before they’re born?

Dennis Babson lives in Grass Valley.

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