Denise Cain: Sammie’s Friends saves lives every day |

Denise Cain: Sammie’s Friends saves lives every day

It’s easy to kill animals. It’s also cheap. Puppies, dogs, cats, kittens. Yes, it’s cheap and easy.

Stanislaus County kills 150 on any given Sunday, after the taxpayers built them an $11 million shelter. Why? Because its still cheaper to kill animals.

Forget that these animals were produced or abandoned by thoughtless and selfish humans. Forget that they want to live. Forget that there are adoptive families here in California and even in other states that want them.

What Sammie’s Friends does is hard. They work hard, they work smart. They save lives every day. It costs money. It takes committed volunteers, taxpayer money and donated money. And it works. No animal dies at Sammie’s from lack of space or lack of medical funds. No dog dies because he is terrified by being taken from his home and family and placed in a metal box.

Under the proposed new plan, apparently endorsed by Animal Control Officer Sam Brown, Nevada County animals in need will be shipped to Placer County, which is not able to offer the same services and options our animals have via Sammie’s. Also, the many residents who receive spay and neuter assistance, and medical assistance will be out of luck. No one cares the way Sammie’s Friends cares.

The fact that Officer Brown does not understand or appreciate this is sad indeed. We expect Officer Brown and the board of supervisors to understand that doing the harder thing, saving lives, is a great use of our tax dollars. And Sammie’s is doing it in a antiquated building with an extremely small payroll.

Perhaps it is time for the taxpayers of Nevada County to do what those in Stanislaus County did, and demand total support from Officer Brown and the Board of Supervisors to our first rate real no kill shelter. Then let’s show Stanislaus and all the kill shelters again that the animals don’t need to suffer or die so politicians can save a few bucks.

And while we’re at it, how about a nice new building for our future pets?

How about it, taxpayers?

Denise Cain lives in Nevada City.

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