Denis Kutch: As seniors, we see the signs — be warned |

Denis Kutch: As seniors, we see the signs — be warned

This is a serious, borderline desperate, open letter to any of you old enough to remember World War II, either first or second hand.

If you do, you’re close to me in age. I’m 84.

This is a simple, yet earnest request to each of you. Please talk with your children, grand, and great-grandchildren — any anyone who will listen to you. Tell them what it was like to live in fear of sociopathic despots, during those years before the Allies were victorious. Most young people … anyone under 70 … only know of this from “ho hum” history class references. Scare the hell out of them by comparing the World War II similarities with the actions of our resident sociopath in the White House today.

Our words as seniors can and do have real meaning and impact. I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat. I am a frightened Independent … and I don’t frighten easily. As far as I’m concerned, the American “party system” is a major source of our problems, but that’s another story for another time. Here’s an open-ended list of my current fears, not in any particular order:

Trump recently “cleaned house” in the Voice of America. It now is under the complete control of his appointees. He can order the revocation of the broadcast licenses for all broadcast outlets, including FOX. He then he could control all public communication through Voice of America.

The new Postmaster General is a Trump donor and loyalist who already has issued orders to cut back mail services — check the internet and major broadcast networks for verified details. Not only will this create severe limitations on voting, it is another potential form of communication over which he will have ultimate control.

“Moscow Mitch” McConnell happily has completed his goal of delivering Trump-sympathetic and mostly unqualified individuals to fill all lower Federal Court lifetime judgeship vacancies.

Trump is livid that his “conservative” Supreme Court is not delivering decisions to his liking. Thank God for small favors to this point.

He effectively has control of the Justice Department through his puppet, Attorney General William Barr.

Our Rule of Law foundation is being eroded weekly, if not daily.

Trump has sent the equivalent of storm troopers into U.S. cities to squash minor or imaginary peaceful protests … in violation of our Constitution … as you probably know.

He has a juvenile fascination with or “crush” on the world’s leading despots. There are no records of his communications with each. His removal of our troops from Germany plays right into Putin’s hand.

Our November election process actively is being threatened from both external and internal sources with lies, propaganda, and subterfuge.

When asked by Chris Wallace if he would accept the results of the November election if he lost, Trump answered that “He would have to see.” Oh my God.

He has complete disregard for women, all people of color, immigrants, asylum-seekers, Dreamers, veterans, and anyone who is, God forbid, liberal.

This supposed “law and order” president, has yet to follow through with his promises for intelligent gun law legislation.

As of the date of this writing, his Senate lackeys have failed to act on behalf of the people with any extension of federal unemployment assistance, or protection from evection or foreclosure. Yet he’s insisting on $2 billion-plus dollars for a new FBI building across from his Washington hotel. Hmm, that’s one way to eliminate any competition from the hotel that was planned for that site.

Countless individuals have lost or are losing their health-care coverage, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet Trump continues his court suit against the Affordable Care Act thanks to his childish obsession with anything Obama.

Other countries, which took decisive actions immediately, have flattened their pandemic curves and are back to work. We now are the worst in the world, and have an economy to match. Thanks, Mr. Trump!

The president should be charged, tried, and convicted of manslaughter for tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths in the U.S. because of his inept leadership and downright stupidity in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yes, I’m sure I missed many examples. If this doesn’t frighten you, what does? However, my bottom line is this: I’m afraid our United States is on a path to be taken over by a sociopathic dictator far worse than Hitler.

Remember, our words as seniors can and do have real meaning and impact. Please talk and vote.

Denis Kutch lives in Nevada City.

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