Denes McIntosh: Changing with the times |

Denes McIntosh: Changing with the times

It has come time in our existence as the family of man that every person in the free world, mindful, or otherwise, is being motivated to make a choice. Now it may not be a conscious choosing up of sides, but the state of things as they exist today requires an alignment with either the forces of good, or with those forces detrimental to the greater good.

People can no longer have it both ways. We can no longer drift back and forth between the two polarities. One is either for the betterment of the world, and a conduit for positive influence and change (with love, as it were, and with clarity of purpose), or aligned with those of a baser nature in opposition to living in harmony with one another. Everything in between is becoming irrelevant, and an increasingly difficult path to maintain.

The world is calling out for firm commitments in our belief systems and in our behavior. Most of what I see, hear, read, and intuit points to that conclusion. Among the people I know personally it has become obvious. Some people are restructuring their thoughts, and their behaviors, to conform to the standard they know within themselves to be of good virtue, and some are falling into even greater malevolence, personal indulgence, deceit, and dishonesty, thinking nothing of harming the innocent, and failing to embrace even the capacity for a benevolent life. The good are getting better, and the bad are getting worse these days.

Just look around with conscious sight and you’ll see the truth of such a statement. You will awaken to its reality. In fact, I’ll say it again in case you missed it: “The good are getting better, and the bad are getting worse.” That’s just how it is. It’s what’s happening, in my world, and in yours.

Thank God for those who are willing to mold and transform themselves into the best people that they can be, inwardly, but clearly visible outwardly, as evidenced by their kindness, compassion, thoughtfulness, sobriety, and generosity. These are the people who are holding sanity precariously in place across our planet. I hope you’re able to count yourself among them. It is my hope, not only for your own well-being, but for the survival of decency in our world today as well.

Denes McIntosh lives in Grass Valley.

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