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David Moyer: Dear President-Elect Trump

OK, this is a bit or maybe quite a bit presumptuous, but, Mr. Trump, you did say you don’t owe anybody anything and are therefore better able to represent the interests of “We the People.”

You did remove lobbyists from your transition team. So, here are some items, from one of “We the People.” you might want to consider as you “drain the swamp”:

1. As you renegotiate trade deals, please prevent the U.S. from “harmonizing” with those standards of Codex Alimentarius that are not in our best interests. The Codex (food code) is a Trojan horse that allows international corporations to squash locals ones, all in the name of safety. For example, the long-term Codex plan is to reclassify supplements as medicines, as they have already done in the European Common Market. The effectiveness of nutraceutical solutions for mental illness has been supported in almost 30 publications in medical journals. Codex would kill nutraceutical solutions, preventing much needed reform in the mental health care system.

2. Reorganize the FDA to focus on the people, not the pharmaceutical companies. Currently, the FDA denies research-based food-health claims because the foods would then be considered “drugs.” The FDA now considers a common supplemental form of B6, pyridoxamine, to be an unapproved “new drug.” Then there is the long-running criminal conspiracy by the FDA to protect the cancer industry. Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski has been curing incurable brain cancer patients for more than 20 years while the leaders of the FDA twice conspired unsuccessfully to put him in jail, take his medical license and steal his patents. The Texas Medical Board this fall completed another sham trial of him, finally begrudgingly conceding his “treatments have saved the lives of cancer patients, both adults and children, who were not expected to live.” That should count for something!

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3. Replace Tom Wheeler, chairman of the Federal Communications (FCC) with someone who is not subservient to the Telecom industry. An important issue has not been sufficiently addressed by the FCC. The scientific community has shown a causal link between electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and cancer. Wheeler ignored these concerns. In 2014 he freed up distributed antenna systems from any oversight or review. This further saturates the airwaves with EMF. Pick a leader who will limit EMF exposure by removing so-called SMART meters. Change the Telecommunications Act of 1996 to restore local control over antenna placements and allow considerations for health effects.

4. I was encouraged to learn that you recently met with Dr. Wakefield and others concerned about vaccine safety and expressed an interest in the documentary “Vaxxed.” Please replace Dr. Tom Frieden, CDC director, with someone who will investigate and report the benefits and risks of all vaccinations. For example, in my book, “Beyond Mental Illness,” I discuss epidemiological data suggesting that the Anthrax vaccine, required for all military members may contribute to long-term physical and emotional problems for our veterans. And, yes, the vaccine autism connection is not settled science. The CDC lied and destroyed incriminating data. Frieden blocked the request to have a whistleblower testify in an autism/MMR trial stating, “Dr. William Thompson’s deposition testimony would not substantially promote the objectives of CDC or HHS [Health and Human Services].” Of course it wouldn’t. Their vaccine division is a swamp of corruption. Please try to get Congress to change the 1986 law so that pharmaceutical companies are liable for vaccine damages.

5. Appoint a person as Secretary of Agriculture who will remove the GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) designation for all genetically modified food products. Require conclusive long-term safety studies on all existing and future GM products before approving them. Remove Monsanto sympathizers like Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsak from the department and the government.

6. At the National Institute of Health, appoint those open to investigating the role of multiple chronic infections like Lyme disease and C. pneumonia on Alzheimer’s, mental illness, ALS, MS and even cancer.

The increased power and reduced accountability of federal agencies has enabled individuals and corporations to “feed at the public trough.” This undercuts our faith in government.

Removing individual and corporate grifters from the government will go a long way towards draining the swamp.

David Moyer is a retired Air Force Lt. Col and Licensed Clinical Social Worker. He lives in Penn Valley.

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