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David Heinen: No slide toward Marxism

In George Rebane’s “Where Are We Headed” column, he takes us on a ski trip down an imagined slippery slope where he suggests that today’s long laundry list of Democratic initiatives is intended to develop into authoritarian Marxism.

This Democratic wish list, he suggests, includes demolishment of our existing electorate by importing thousands of illegal and unskilled aliens and actively abolishing, for anybody that does not toe the progressive line, the First Amendment on college campuses, civil service, the media and corporate workplaces.

He is here, I believe, speaking of the ”woke“ folk and the ”cancel culture”, where even the founding fathers are condemned. He is among those who I suspect believe that they will be replaced by an emerging ”majority minority“ of people who are ”different“ from himself and darker of skin.

I believe that such fears inform many of Trump’s passionate supporters, some of whom were so fearful that they attempted on Jan. 6 a violent overthrow of America’s democracy.

One Trump supporter, a middle-aged white man in the Midwest, was asked why he voted for Trump. “I feel like Blacks, Mexicans, and ambitious women are getting ahead of me in line,” he said.

But let’s take a look at the oft mentioned, by conservatives, slippery slope. Here in California, undocumented workers pay $3 billion a year in taxes, and California agriculture would simply cease to exist without them.

The Great Society of the 1960s — Medicare, food stamps, subsidized housing, school lunches, etc. — have been in place for over a half a century, yet the government still does not own the major means of production, a key condition of both communism and socialism. While we have partially federalized the financial part of the health system (Medicare, Affordable Care Act), the providers are almost entirely based in and owned by the private sector.

Slippery slope, indeed. The progressives’ destruction of core American values has yet to materialize, yet many who cling to what for them is a comfortable past live in fear that it will eventually do so.

But what are these troubling progressives up to? Many of them fear being forever stuck in a stifling structure of repression, racism and outrageous income equality. The indigenous people, from whom we brutally stole this land, are amplifying their demands for an accurate account of their history, which in part sank to the level of genocide.

The Black Americans who have suffered as the only immigrant group whose culture was systematically destroyed (families split into human products to be sold in an untraceable diaspora) are making renewed demands for redress of grievances, and Native Americans, African Americans and other minorities are pushing back on the many current faces of systematic racism.

Women are demanding freedom from abuse resulting from a structural imbalance of power. They struggle to find a place in the workplace that is sexually safe while personally meritorious. College history classes are introducing a version of America that doesn’t ignore its darker truth.

People of diverse gender identities are looking for their place in the sun. And guns — progressives are among the majority of Americans who seek gun safety where the blizzard of mass shootings (defined as four or more dead) might be curtailed — more than one a day occurred this last March.

Such is the stuff of the scary progressive movement that troubles Mr. Rebane. America is the world’s most exceptional experiment in nation forming. But her abundant opportunities are not equally dispersed, and that is not fair.

I therefore support the progressive agenda, which while not always perfect in method, strives toward fairness for all America, where her many blessings are shared by all. I celebrate fairness. I reject the prediction of a slippery slope toward Marxism.

David Heinen lives in North San Juan.

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