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David Glubetich: Proud to be a Republican

My mother and father were registered Democrats. Yet I am a lifelong Republican. How does that happen? In many countries you are born into a class, and that’s where you remained your entire life.

This is the United States of America, however, and we don’t do things just because others do. It’s what we call freedom. It’s a beautiful concept, and for over four centuries, Americans have shed blood to keep us free.

But over time, things do change. When I grew up in the ’50s, we were told that Democrats represented the working class and the Republicans represented the wealthy. Many still believe this. Yet we now live in a world where everything has been turned upside down, where conformity is expected, where freedom is being snuffed out, and truth doesn’t matter.

The real power in our country today has shifted to elites and massive companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Facebook. Hardly companies that act or think like traditional Republicans. They demand conformity, shun free speech and individual thinking and believe they are fair arbitrators. They are also among the biggest allies of the Democratic Party.

Many things have changed over the past 50 years. Some good, but many bad. We are losing our cherished freedoms as large corporations demand obedience from their workers, whom they expect to be “woke” and never even utter things like “All Lives Matter.” Colleges and universities have joined the ranks of the powerful and no longer encourage debate but reward conformity.

Conformity, by the way, is defined as “an individual aligning their attitudes, beliefs and behavior with those of the people around them.” Sound familiar?

These large multi-national corporations aren’t just American businesses any longer, as they are multinational. Many have strong roots in China, hardly a nation known for freedom of expression. I believe the NBA is practically owned by China, as they get billions of dollars of their revenue from the communist nation.

The truth today is often buried or simply ignored, especially if it doesn’t fit the popular narrative. After the presidential election, a large number of Biden voters said if they had previously known of his son Hunters’ exploits in China, they wouldn’t have voted for him. So, cover-ups do work.

Georgia is a recent and great example. A Republican written state voting law cleans up a lot of loose ends, yet is condemned by Democrats as an effort to suppress voting. Major corporations (it’s none of their business) like Coca Cola and Delta are having tantrums over it. Major League Baseball’s all-star game is being moved out of Georgia. Obviously, none have really read the new law, but are just following the left-wing hype.

As expected, President Biden has also spoken out against the “racist” law passed by the Georgia Legislature. What does he even know about it? I’m sure he didn’t read it, as the liberal Washington Post gave him four Pinocchios for his inaccurate statements about the new law.

Much of the arguments against the Georgia voting law have to do with the Democrats’ tiresome and false accusations that Republicans are trying to suppress the Black vote by requiring some form of identification. That is total BS.

There wouldn’t be a cancel culture or a “woke” awakening if it wasn’t for the Democrats and their allies in big businesses and universities. Where do they get the idea that they are so important, so educated, so wise, that they should be in charge of what people think and believe?

Would Americans truly be free if powerful corporations and wealthy universities created and enforced our nations laws? Is this “for the people and by the people?” We still technically have freedom of speech, but for how much longer?

If asked today what is a Republican and what do they stand for, I just say this: The Republican party is for freedom, liberty and individual rights. We believe in the Constitution, free enterprise and free speech, and we are proud Americans.

We don’t hate our own history and don’t want to be absorbed into a world government, nor do we want socialism or live in an America where our lives are controlled by large corporations. If my father were alive today, he would certainly be a Republican.

David Glubetich lives in Penn Valley.

Editor’s note: Hunter Biden’s challenges in life were extensively covered in summer and fall 2019. Assertions in the election-eve story in The New York Post could not be verified by any other news outlets, including The Wall Street Journal and Fox News. Not for lack of trying.

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