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David Glubetich: Only GOP stands for law, order

Sadly, only one political party today can claim the title as the law and order party. It’s a shame, but it’s how politics play out in today’s divisive environment. It really takes both parties working together, however, to keep us safe.

Embolden by the election of Joe Biden, the Democrats are going crazy, instituting extreme policies that in past years would have been rejected. In the process they have turned a blind eye to what is really happening in our larger cities, and the nearly $2 billion price tag for damages caused by “peaceful” demonstrators in 2020.

So, what is the left’s answer? Defund or reduce the size of police departments. These actions have consequences, however, as it’s not what Americans need or want.

As police departments come under increasing pressure, homicides and crimes are skyrocketing. In Chicago, murders are up by 33%; Los Angeles by 186%; Philadelphia by 32%; and Portland by 733%.

Are these not troubling statistics? You can’t blame Donald Trump.

Why is this happening? There are multiple reasons, but at the top of the list are constant claims of racism, especially from Black Lives Matter, inspired by the unfortunate death of George Floyd.

Now our great police officers who put their lives on the line daily and for low pay are under tremendous pressure. Many are quitting, with departures in New York City up by 75%.

Police unions, once a reliable Democrat political contribution source, have realigned their support to Republicans. Police are on the front lines. In New York, they are bullied, spit upon and dumped with water. Budgets are severely being reduced, and not just in New York. Seventeen police officers have been killed in the United States this year.

It’s not just white Americans who support police, as blacks and other minorities also oppose reducing (or eliminating in some cases) police departments. They have the most to lose, as the vast majority of crime against blacks isn’t from police, but other blacks.

The Dems are turning diversity into division. It will backfire. The politicization of law enforcement is translating into rising crime and disorder.

As absurd as it may sound, the left is doing everything in its power to release criminals from prisons and jails. As cash bail is being eliminated throughout the country, Antifa thugs in Portland, who have been burning their city for nearly a year, walk out of jail in the morning and return to their destructive ways the next evening.

Driven by far-left district attorneys, criminals are being released or not prosecuted to the fullest. In Los Angeles County, District Attorney George Gascon is making a mockery of our traditions of law and order. After taking office, he wrote that these misdemeanors will not be prosecuted: disturbing the peace; driving without a license; criminal threats; drug possession; and resisting arrest.

What’s really scary is that other district attorneys in the Gascon mold are coming to our communities. Will it make us safer? In California, we are already closing prisons and releasing felons back into the streets.

As black GOP Sen. Tim Scott said: “The left has lost their mind.” Yes, they have. The Democrats have morphed into the party of identity politics, open borders and critical race theory.

Stirring up racial hate, however, does not solve problems. It creates them. Problems blacks face today in urban areas have a lot to do with poor education and bad attitudes. Also, the Dem-backed teacher unions are doing a poor job in urban school districts.

Identity politics is the reason the Dems support BLM. At all costs, the Dems must keep their black vote intact, even if their positions cause more harm than good. BLM, for example, only cares about white police shootings and misbehaviors against blacks, but never mentions the dozen or so Chicago blacks who are shot and killed by other blacks nearly every weekend. Why don’t these black lives matter? Oh, it’s because they only want to tarnish the reputation of white policemen.

It’s as if the perps do nothing wrong and just get beaten up by racial bigots in uniform. However, it’s not backed by statistics, as about 12 percent of police in the United States are black, and even more so in metropolitan areas.

Statistics have shown that in the past three years, fewer than 15 unarmed black men were shot and killed by a white police officer. That number is insignificant when compared to the number of blacks killed by other blacks in major metropolitan cities.

David Glubetich lives in Penn Valley.

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