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David Brose: Everyone needs to play ball


Sometimes a good analogy works to get a point across. COVID-19 is like a baseball game where our team is down by three runs. We get up to bat, and the first up is a pandemic shutdown. It’s a base hit, we’re on first, but it doesn’t get us the runs to win.

Next up are masks. Again a base hit, giving hope that we may pull this game out of a hole. Social distancing puts another player on base.

Now we’re bases loaded. Hope is high, can we maybe pull this off for a win? The odds have been against us this whole game, and fans are disappointed and angry. They feel unfairly treated and want the umpires tossed from the game.

Up next is the vaccine, the Babe Ruth of our game, ready to make the slam, drive home four runs and win the game. We’re there, for sure, success right there in hand, a sure win.

But wait, the runner on second is getting impatient, edging off base, looking like they’re going for a steal and forcing a play like dominoes, hoping beyond reason to make the play to win, disregarding the sure thing with our star batter about to bring it all home with vaccinations.

What a foolish play! Why come this far, with success within grasp, just to throw it all away because we’re tired, impatient and want the game to be over? This is not the time to force a bad play. This is not the time to do a face plant while heading to home plate.

We’re almost there. Hang in there. It really will be a win very soon, and we can all celebrate victory.

On a related note, how about all those selfish fools spending money on lawyers to sue the state, our supervisors and anyone else who stands in their way, forcing their agenda for themselves, not what is right for community.

How about they use that money to make our community a better, safer place to be? A better place to do business. A better, safer place to shop, eat and draw in business. Personally, I’ve come to love the pedestrian-friendly corridor in downtown Grass Valley.

I can’t wait for spring and summer to arrive and spend more time strolling, shopping, eating and socializing, even inviting friends and family to come along.

Come on, we have done better in the past. We can do better now and set the stage for a brighter future for all of us.

David Brose lives in Grass Valley.

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