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David Briceno: Trump’s New York state of mind

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David Briceno

“Attitudes don’t prove anything.”— American saying

After President Donald Trump launched another barrage of Twitter attacks (“tweetstorms”), one baffled politician, asking no one in particular, couldn’t fathom why Trump copiously tweets “tirades,” as the mystified congressman called Trump’s venomous attacks. So, why the nasty tweets?

It’s possible to explain why Trump is Trump — why he acts the way he does; says the things he says; does the things he does; and yes, even explain his characteristically arrogant tweets — using just four words: Trump’s a New Yorker. And New York City (NYC) born-and-breds, Trump included, usually have more or less a NYC attitude. What’s having a NY attitude like?

Once inside, typical tourist parents visiting Disneyland say something like: “OK kids, we have to stay together. Stay close. Don’t wander off. There’s a lot to see. We have all day. We’re gonna have loads of fun! Where’s Tomorrowland?”

But on the other hand, stereotypical NYC parents say: “They sure charge a helluva lot to get in this place. That ‘It’s a Small World’ ride really stunk; if I wanna look at dolls I’ll go to Macy’s, and that stupid song sucked. I don’t trust that guy; did you see what he just did? No, you kids, we’re not waiting three hours in line just you can ride that for three minutes. Don’t stare; he’s crazy. I just love the way they leave blood in your hamburger here. Look at that fat woman: she can hardly walk. Snow White isn’t so white. They have much better rides at Coney Island, and better food like Nathan’s…”

Of course, that portrays a highly unflattering caricature. But it helps illustrate the NYC-shaped character embedded within Trump’s DNA: a concentrated personality combination of aggressiveness (arrogance), dissatisfaction (New Yorkers sound like they’re complaining even if they’re not), negativity (B- [B negative] is NYC’s commanding blood type), and street smarts. All of which influence the content of his Twitter feed.

Many believe that Trump is thin-skinned, that he easily gets hurt feelings, which makes him highly sensitive to criticism — thus the reason behind the attack tweets. Maybe. Yet unlikely, since New Yorkers as a whole tend to be extremely thick-skinned, tough-minded individuals seemingly impervious to criticism. There’s another more plausible explanation.

In NYC if someone calls you an S.O.B., you call them an S.O.B. right back, and even more. Someone attacks you, you attack them to defend yourself. “Tit for tat” dictates NYC’s unwritten Golden Rule. And NYC’s heavily-populated environment breeds tough attitudes, such as: “You mess with me/us and I/we will mess you up bad.) Nearly every hardened criminal thinks like that. So does NYC “Don Man” the Con Man.

Justifiable, deeply-satisfying revenge/retaliation is reason for him scathingly attacking ASAP any real or imagined enemies in politics and especially within “Fake News” (his pejorative for liberal lies) media (FYI, our POTUS maintains an extensive “enemies list” possibly for future retaliatory purposes).

Being extremely reactionary, the motive for tweeting virulently is retribution. Attacking occurs in revenge for being attacked. Telling people off, by taking one’s bad feelings out on others, releases pent-up aggression, frustration and hostility. Anyway, Trump’s methods for “getting even” vary.

Bullying, vindictiveness, ad hominems, character assassination, name-calling insults (James “Comey’s a slimeball”), taunting, lying, sarcasm, accusations, threats, vilifying, obfuscating, sabotaging, obscuring, blaming, propagandizing, deceiving, execrating … All are used by Grumpy Trumpy to lash out with.

If nothing else, Shady Donald’s arsenal offers incontrovertible proof of his dark side. His urban persona often exhibits a NYC bad attitude like meanness, tactlessness and baseness in his tweeting style. Undoubtedly, he has an attitude. He’ll conceal it publicly, but it’s there in his tweets.

Ronald Reagan once said, “People are not the problem; people are the solution.” Remarkably inspirational words for positive thinking. However, POTUS Trump, also Republican, would negate Reagan’s statement and claim the polar opposite: “People aren’t the solution; people are the (expletive) problem” (well, whaddya expect? He’s from NYC for cryin’ out loud).

So, when problem people obstruct Trump’s objectives they’re attacked with impunity and/or eliminated if possible. Dictators do it all the time, although more severely. Trump’s viewing people as problems results in abusive misanthropic tweets. And it means treating Twitter as a shooting gallery, making political/media opponents targets. Make no mistake, bloodthirsty POTUS Donald John Trump aims to kill and maim over on Tweet Street.

Sadly, as a high-profile, influential role model and CEO of DTrumpBullyingServiceUSA.com, he hasn’t helped reduce NYC bad attitudes any by spewing belligerent assaults at people as POTUS. Ironically enough, Melania Trump supposedly combats nationwide online bullying, yet her own troll husband is a chronic bully.

Naturally, there’s a downside to all of this. NYC bad attitudes are spreading faster under Trump and are becoming the new normal. This NYCification (my word) of America can fester into irreparably pernicious societal consequences.

According to a recent poll, nearly three-quarters of Americans (73 percent) use social media. With such widespread usage there should come a greater responsibility for civil discourse by following better etiquette.

Lastly, when Donald Trump became president, America stepped neither forward nor stepped backward, or even upward, but instead downward on a slippery slope. Right attitudes have nose-dived for many Americans. Our country needs a new NY State of mind.

Let’s park the NYC attitudes in NYC streets where they belong. And let’s not further institutionalize toxic attitudes nationwide as Trump does by habitually tweeting malicious attacks. Bad attitudes on social media prove nothing, only ignorance. Try to mind your Ps and Qs.

David Briceno lives in Grass Valley.

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