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David Briceno: Fox dangerous for mental and physical health

Fox News’ host Tucker Carlson, bless his heart, appears to be obsessed with what he calls a “great replacement theory.” Fine.

It’s something that’s seemingly complicated and intellectual, at least theory-wise. After all, anything with the word “theory” at the end of any word phrase must have required serious thought, right? Not always. Tucker holds very strong ultraconservative thoughts on this. And he scores bountiful political talking points in proudly telling you this over the airwaves. But what is it he’s actually proselytizing?

I think Tucker’s racial opinions qualify as white nationalist conspiracy theory since he implies that in America today, our nation’s one-sided melting pot has crossed over white territory. For many strong-minded conservatives like Tucker who share similar viewpoints on race, massive armies of invading insidious foreigners are marching to destroy the fabric of America, and everyone knows full well these very dangerous threatening racial minorities are out out to ruin America. If white people aren’t careful and don’t watch out, heaven forbid, they may move next door. Of course, that’s pure nonsense: Minorities can’t afford decent housing.

It’s to the benefit of downtrodden, browbeaten and victimized wealthy whites to be pure. One race. Or as Tucker Carlson himself once so eloquently put it, we must adopt policies “to change the racial mix of the country. That’s the reason to reduce the political power of people whose ancestors lived here and dramatically increase the proportion of Americans newly arrived from the Third World.” The message? “They’re taking over. Do anything to prevent it.”

That’s their whole theory in a nutshell. Let’s see if minorities are out conquering America successfully and pose a credible threat with a simple, short quiz, OK?

Q: When was the last time America’s racial minorities attempted to take over the government?

A: Never.

Why? Because even minorities aren’t that stupid like the Jan. 6 rioters, mainly because America’s minority population is outnumbered and staging a coup d’etat to overthrow the government would be utterly risky, futile and suicidal. America isn’t just some banana republic that’s so easily toppled. Just ask the January rioters. They’ll tell you. (Once they’re released, that is.)

Anyway, a female Fox host on Sept. 28 made a claim knocking COVID-19 without any evidence concerning the nationwide hospital bed shortage: “We now know when they say hospitals are being overwhelmed, it’s almost always a lie.” Huh? What?

But seriously, who is immorally motivated enough within the medical community to outright lie about there being just few deaths from COVID-19 when evidence overwhelmingly suggests otherwise? People are literally dying from this “no threat.“

COVID-19 deaths should never ever be downplayed by any TV network whatsoever like Fox is doing. Scoring political points off of denying COVID-19 for higher ratings is unconscionable. The real threat is Fox News itself by its heartless practice. Fox continues to indirectly murder its loyal conservative audience daily. Take the Deep South, for example.

The South is mainly comprised of conservative states that watch Fox regularly due to its conservative content and Southerners are heavily influenced by its newscasts. It’s dangerous to raise suspicions about COVID-19 related matters as Fox routinely does. Because of their attacks, the new vaccines have come under intense fire from red states. These are Southern Republican conservatives who undoubtedly watch conservative media that are being affected the most by slamming things COVID-19 on the air. This is very, very bad. Very bad.

The New York Times published a map on its front page recently showing that the most COVID-19 deaths in the nation since June are occurring in red states. So why? Could it perhaps be like COVID-19 that watching toxic Fox broadcasts can be hazardous to one’s health? Fox kills, ignoring that the unvaccinated are 11 times more likely to die than the vaccinated.

Want some really great advice? Unhook from Fox and get yourself vaccinated now if you haven’t already. It’s simply a matter of life or life. Yours. Also, no one should ever have to overdose on Carlson if they can help it.

David Briceno lives in Grass Valley.

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