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Dave Hallock: The ‘Thank you for wearing your mask’ campaign

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Dave Hallock


I have always been proud of the people who live in Nevada County. People here have always had a social conscience and we look after each other.

There is rarely an issue we do not step up to. I go to the grocery store every couple of weeks now. I was shocked to find more people not wearing masks today than two weeks ago, which was before Gov. Newsom requested the good people to wear masks in public. This is bad, as it means we are likely to see an even larger spike in cases of COVID-19.

In 1918 with the Spanish Flu (the last similar contagious virus event) the first wave killed 50,000 worldwide. People eased up and the second wave killed between 50 and 100 million. Let me repeat between 50 and 100 million.

I am told that they cannot make it a law so what do we do? We can use good old peer pressure. I know no one wants to confront non-mask wearing people. So I suggest we do this. When you see another person wearing a mask in proximity to a non-mask wearer loudly thank the mask wearer for wearing their mask and then turn towards the non-masked person and give them the stink eye! You know the eye of disapproval and the eye moms give their kids when they have done wrong. Peer pressure is the strongest weapon we have against those who have decided to endanger themselves and the rest of us. I know some will never wear a mask because it is their right to act the fool. But many of our neighbors just need a push towards community responsible action.

Together we can change the tide of this pandemic …

Please tell your friends and ask that they participate in the “Thank You for Wearing Your Mask” campaign.

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Grocery stores might consider a modification of what some restaurants do,

“No Mask No Service.” That would be best served by closing self check lanes and not checking out people who refuse to wear a mask for others and their own safety.

Together we can change the tide of this pandemic by being conscious and using the power we do have to shame those who refuse to do what is needed for all citizens’ safety.

The mayor of Nevada City is irresponsible in telling people to not wear a mask, as the first concern of any public official, from mayor to the president, should be in helping the citizens make responsible decisions that protect us all.

Please join me and let’s show how strong we are when we work together. Thank you to all those citizens who are wearing their masks.

Dave Hallock lives in Grass Valley.

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