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Dave Glubetich: Why so much hate in the 2020 election?

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Dave Glubetich

Do we need to hate each other, or fear of being hated just because we express our opinions about the 2020 presidential election? Hate is not a good direction for our nation.

In the Jan. 31 edition of The Union, a writer who said he was a “Trump Hater” asked how to approach an old friend he learned was a “Trump Lover.” He felt there was no common ground. In his view, “Trump is lying, crooked, incompetent and corrupt.”

How have we gotten to this point? It’s really simple to understand … just open your eyes. Unfortunately, you are being lied to, and you are being played. Not by Trump or even his potential opponents in the 2020 election. I’m pointing at the national media.

I have some understanding of the media as many years ago my college major was journalism. I didn’t pursue a career in it, however, as I ended up in real estate. Yet to this day I still believe in the ethical standards journalist are expected to uphold.

We will all be better off if we don’t label ourselves as Trump haters or lovers.

The principles are quite simple. It has to do with not taking sides but searching for valid facts and reporting the news without inserting the journalist’s personal opinions. That is a far cry, however, from what is happening today.

The best examples of media wrongdoings are found at CNN and MSNBC, as they are among the leaders in the “hate Trump” movement. If this is where you get your daily news, then you are most likely a die-hard Trump hater. You will never get all the facts and will soon “drink the Kool-Aid.”

Their biggest “crime” is very simple and easy for them to get away with. It is one of omission. They are quick to report nonstop any blunders or missteps by Republicans or President Trump, while they bury news not favorable to Democrats. When Trump does something positive, it gets 20 seconds of airtime or goes to page 12. This is the treatment President Trump and Republicans are also getting from ABC, NBC, CBS, as well as major news outlets throughout the land. Learn the truth by watching both Fox and CNN. With my Comcast subscription the two channels are adjacent to each other and can easily be monitored by switching back and forth. It won’t take long to learn the truth, and you’ll see why CNN is losing viewers. In no time at all you will learn why Trump uses the term “fake news.”

Many will argue that Fox cable isn’t balanced either, as it is always in Trump’s camp. Yes, thank God there is one major alternative to the many voices of the left.

If you are an undecided voter, I suggest you watch all three cable networks and I believe you’ll understand why President Trump isn’t a monster but is actually doing a darn good job. One of the biggest lies the left-wing media opine is that Trump is a racist and liar. Millions of people believe this, so obviously it’s an effective tool. But we must be smarter than that. Resist the temptations to “pile on” without really knowing the facts. There was a time racist charges were meant to defend the America’s black population. Those accusations against Trump are falling flat, however, as Trump has more (and growing) support from the black community than any Republican since Abraham Lincoln. That’s scaring the Democrats. They know they can’t win without overwhelming support from minority voters.

Racist charges are effective. So once again Trump is being accused of racism because he is protecting our southern border where “brown” people are illegally attempting to cross. This is also absurd. The Dems, who once supported a wall on our southern border, now are calling Trump a racist for doing what they once supported. We see through it, Nancy.

We will all be better off if we don’t label ourselves as Trump haters or lovers. Just be smart and learn the facts. Have an open mind and think.

Dave Glubetich lives in Penn Valley.

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