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Dave Glubetich: When we lose faith in our elections … we’re all in trouble

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Dave Glubetich

There is one thing we all should agree on. The constitutional rights afforded Americans to cast their ballot to elect our local, state and national leaders is an invaluable right. It’s what makes America great.

Without question, all responsible citizens should partake in our elections.

That being said, the reality today is elections and voting rights are being politicized and, way too often, abused. Thus, our confidence in our election system is being severely damaged.

It started many years ago when African American voters in the South were denied their rights and ability to vote. That was then — over 55-plus years ago. The situation has greatly changed since. Women have been voting since 1920. Nine Republican women are currently serving in the U.S. Senate. And check out Tim Scott, the Black Republican senator from South Carolina.

Our progress with voting rights hasn’t satisfied the Democrats, however. They don’t give a damn if a voter is as stupid as a hog, as long as they get their vote. They are out to win at any cost, whatever it takes to get absolute control.

Their playbook starts with the never-ending accusation that the GOP is trying to discourage Black voters by requiring them show some form of identification to vote. They say everyone should just be able to vote … that requiring any form of identification is racist. The Democrats know their voter suppression arguments are ridiculous, however, but it stirs up anger in the Black community and these voters are indispensable to the party. They simply can’t win without them. So, Dem naysayers follow the party line: “Republicans are racist.”

“While we’re at it,” some Democrats reason, “why not get anyone and everyone to vote?” It doesn’t matter if they have any reasonable knowledge of the issues, because every vote counts. They’ve found many ways to do it, like ballot harvesting where volunteers collect questionable ballots from people who would never vote and don’t know “diddly squat” about current events. It works, however, as several California Republican congressional seats were lost in 2018 as thousands of ballots were submitted at the last minute. It’s also legal, as the one-sided California legislature made it so.

Then there are motor voter laws which make it very easy for anyone to register and vote … it’s all part of their “make it easy to vote” campaign. After all, why should any voter need to go out of their way to vote? Was it easy, however, for those who fought and died in past wars to preserve our freedoms?

Now they want all elections to be by mail, because it will make it so much easier to vote. And cheat. That is largely due to the fact that California voter rolls are a disaster, with the entire state of California last year having a voter registration rate of 101% of its entire voting age population. Yet the highest most recent voter turnout for presidential elections was in 2008 when 60.2% of eligible voters cast their ballot. So, what happens to the ballots sent to registered voters (even those who have passed on) who don’t care to vote?

Despite claims otherwise, many non-citizens do vote, and they can absolutely change the outcome of a close election. A 2014 study at Old Dominion estimated 6.4% of noncitizens voted in the 2008 presidential election. It’s so easy to do now, as we don’t ask for ID’s anymore.

Eliminating any form of voter identification is one of the oldest tricks. And Democrats are busy finding new ones, all of which undermine our constitution and Americas faith in our elections. Here are a few of the more grievous:

Make voting easy: Extend the length of voting and registration periods. Let everyone vote online, after all, why should anyone have to stand in a line to vote? Everyone should be able to cast a vote, including 16 year olds, felons and noncitizens. At the very least, let’s have everyone vote by mail.

If a majority of voters are ignorant, then our leaders will be ignorant and tyrannical. Our Democracy depends upon its citizens having full confidence that our elections are honest and fair. If we can’t have that then the foundations or our great country will be on very shaky ground.

Dave Glubetich lives in Penn Valley.

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