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Dave Glubetich: What if everything you believe about climate change is wrong?

Everything we’re told about climate change begins with an “If.” If world temperatures climb 3 degrees, we will have wide spread flooding from rising oceans, crops will perish and people will die.

However, all the theories go back to merely a model. Yet it seems that most in various science fields take it as gospel. The horticulturist, for example, takes the information given to them and then tells us it’s going to be so hot that crops will not survive and millions will starve to death.

The Left uses this information to poison the minds of our youth, turning them into foot soldiers for progressive causes. Why wouldn’t a young person want to save earth?

For years we’ve been told that the science of climate change is settled. That 98 percent of scientists agree. That’s not true.


Scientists like physicist Dr. Ivar Glaever and climatologist Dr. Judith Curry, along with thousands of others disagree. See a partial list on Wikipedia, “List of scientists opposing the assessment of global warming.”

Climate change has become political. It creates winners and losers. Follow the money.

We’re told that phenomena’s like hurricanes, rising sea levels, flooding, fires and food shortages are the results of increased carbon dioxides (CO2) that are destroying life on earth as we know it. Many want to prosecute those who oppose climate change.

Man is responsible for climate change, so the theory goes. This belief has the fervor of a religion. It swells the ranks of left-wing voters with millennials, replacing once-reliable union members as street soldiers for the cause.

But might this urgent call to save planet earth be mostly a sham, an effective left-wing tool to keep progressive politicians in office? Let’s take a look.

Those cute endangered polar bears have become the “poster child” for the movement. But what if their imminent demise isn’t true? In the late ‘60s the World Wildlife Federation estimated there were only 10,000 polar bears remaining in the world. But today the population is estimated to be between 20,000 and 25,000. Now they are just “threatened.”

The climate police tell us that the world is hotter than ever, but rather than get into complicated technical data, let’s look at how much we are “warming.” Check out the website Intellicast. By clicking on “historic averages” you’ll find monthly high and low temperatures going back as far as records were kept. If we were truly experiencing rising temperatures, wouldn’t this be a valid indicator?

Grass Valley’s highest monthly temperatures were in October 2001. The record for “monthly lows” was set in September of 2007. Of course, Grass Valley results are just a drop in the bucket, so let’s take a look at Houston, Texas. They haven’t experienced a record high month since June of 1998. How about Detroit? Their most recent monthly high average was in April 1990.

Alarmists point to the disastrous storms and hurricanes we’ve been experiencing. But facts don’t support their concerns. In 1893, the U.S. had six hurricanes; seven in 1852 and one-hundred years ago we had five. The deadliest was in 1900 when Galveston, Texas was practically wiped off the map and 12,000 souls died.

However, in the past 10 years, in a time when global warming is supposedly destroying mankind, we haven’t had a single hurricane of Category 3 or higher, and that includes Matthew in 2016 which reached American soil as only a category 1.

They also point to the recent California drought and drenching eastern rains as examples. They fail to point out the “dry ‘50s” when it was very hot and rain was scarce or the famous “Dust Bowl” in the ‘30s when the Great Plains literally turned to dust and blew away.

A National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration report says there is “no evidence for changes in extreme precipitation attributable to climate change.” Sometimes it doesn’t rain much and sometimes it rains a lot. It’s always been that way.

Alarmists like to point out the melting polar ice and resulting rising ocean levels. While they are correct that there is some melting in the Arctic North Pole, they fail to mention that the ice growth in Antarctica (South Pole) is expanding to cover record areas. And it’s the South Pole that contains 90 percent of all ice on the planet.

Driving your car or eating beef is not harming our environment. The biggest threat to Mother Earth is North Korea, not climate change.

Dave Glubetich lives in Penn Valley.

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