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Dave Glubetich: What are the Democrats up to?

The mission of the Democratic party has shifted. Their new goal is to achieve power by any means necessary.

That starts with resisting President Trump at every turn. Try to convince the American public that a tax reform that puts more money in most people’s pockets is a bad thing because it only helps the rich.

The Democrats claim to be big supporters of children brought here “through no fault of their own,” commonly referred to as DACA. Yet they reject Trumps offer to keep them here because they don’t want to disrupt the immigration highway. And that’s what would happen if they agreed to halt chain migration and end the lotto system.

I am a supporter of legal immigration, as are Republicans. But what the Democrats are doing is dangerous and frankly un-American. The clearest examples can be found right here in California.

Now that California is controlled by one political party, have you noticed the waste in state spending?

In the past 20 years our state has changed dramatically. Foreign born residents have increased from 9 percent in 1970 to 27 percent now. Hispanics now outnumber whites in California by more than 2 percent. And it’s no secret that recent immigrants vote overwhelmingly for the Democratic party.

This explains why the Dems focus is now on supporting this growing voter block. It doesn’t matter how ridiculous it might be. Votes bring power, so it’s the only thing that matters. It explains their ridiculous positions on sanctuary cities and turning California into a sanctuary state.

What doesn’t matter to the Democrats is the cost you and I have to burden. The $25 billion that is spent annually on undocumented immigrants for services such as K-12 education, welfare and prisons.

I guess it doesn’t matter as the Dems believe they can get the super-rich to pay for all of it.

Now that California is controlled by one political party, have you noticed the waste in state spending? The 12 cents per gallon gasoline tax, the unfunded state pension liabilities and the bullet train to nowhere?

There is no better way to achieve their objectives than to increase the voter rolls of those most likely to vote Democratic. That would be recent immigrants, especially ones that have little or no idea of the principles that have made America great.

There is no question this is why the Dems are increasingly calling for open borders and supporting those I call illegal immigrants.

The Dems support of open borders and unfettered immigration is ridiculous. And their defense of these policies is ridiculous. Nancy Pelosi believes its immoral to deport illegal immigrants just because “they have over stayed a visa or violated their immigration status.”

The Democrats survive on the votes from minorities and new immigrants. They are now pushing all the buttons to find ways to let non-citizens vote. Yes, it’s illegal, but if it’s made easy enough to do, maybe they can get away with it.

With the false premise that everyone should cast a vote, why not make it easier for those who don’t really care or don’t understand the issues. Let them mail in their ballot, let them basically register to vote when they get a driver’s license.

And why not lie if it stirs up anger and gets people to the polls. That’s how the Dems manipulate the black vote. Convince them those nasty Republicans are hateful and racist because they’re “suppressing your voting rights by wanting every voter to show some form of identification.”

You may think the Dems are the party that protects the working man, that looks out for the little guy. Think again. The increasingly progressive party is power hungry and will stop at nothing to achieve it. Even if that means dumping Senator Diane Feinstein.

A little common sense here might go a long way.

Dave Glubetich lives in Penn Valley.

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