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Dave Glubetich: The most important election in our lifetime

There has never been an election in recent memory that so clearly reveals the vast differences between the candidates and their parties. Soon we will be on a path leading to socialism, or one that will keep America strong, independent and free. Voters will need to make critical decisions.

Democrats have been prepping for the 2020 election since Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016. It started with a slew of shenanigans to disrupt and discredit our new president. It’s been effective, as many believe President Trump is a liar, an agent for Russia, a buffoon, crazy, and of course, a racist.

Trump provides an easy target as he is very active, outspoken, and never hesitates to say what is on his mind. He has been accused of collaborating with Russia and had to defend himself from impeachment charges. The Democrats made a big deal out of a quid-pro-quo charge that he held up aid to Ukraine unless they turned up dirt on his then likely opponent, Joe Biden.

The Democrats, however, are extremely hypocritical. They could care less that Biden pulled off an obvious quid-pro-quo when he got Chinese businessmen to fork over millions of dollars to his relatives. And for what? Biden is on record saying, “they’re not competition for us.”

The war waged against Donald Trump over the past four years has been inexcusable and a complete waste of time and taxpayer money. It was just a political stunt. The latest charges against Trump are more of the same, blaming him for the handling of the coronavirus pandemic, the job losses that followed and even for the violence in Democrat-run cities.

Look at what he has accomplished. First and foremost is the economy, which was booming before the pandemic crisis. It will again soon. It won’t under Biden, however, because raising taxes and reinstating job-killing regulations doesn’t work.

Don’t forget China. They have dangerous worldwide goals. They aim to be the most important and dominant nation in the world, supported by the soon-to-be strongest military in the world. Remember what happened to Hong Kong. Who do you think is best to stand up to China? Joe Biden, who is beholden to China, or President Trump, who is working to bring vital drug manufacturing back from China to the U.S.

Donald Trump is not a career politician, but a builder that gets things done. He has unbelievable energy. Joe Biden, on the other hand, not so much. This is critically important, as being President of the United States requires a lot of stamina.

Speaking of energy, under Trump’s guidance, the United States is now the leading energy producer in the world. That’s important. Not only does it provide millions of good-paying jobs but keeps us out of harm’s way. Joe Biden, on the other hand, is surrounded by advisers who want to go all out “green” and obliterate the energy industry.

Leading up to the November election, we’ve watched thousands of “peaceful demonstrations” in major cities. Policemen are being shot, and businesses are being burned to the ground. American traditions and history are being decimated. While President Trump condemns the violence and offers national guard assistance, the left is calling for defunding police departments. While Trump is calling for legislation to hold Antifa responsible for their actions, the Democrats ignore it. This is a crisis. While riots in states are not under the jurisdiction of the federal government, Trump still gets the blame from a biased media.

The United States is not a refuge for the world. Borders mean something. President Trump is securing them. He is building the wall, something Democrats also wanted until Trump became president. In a way, Mexico is even paying for it, as thousands of Mexican soldiers are guarding their side of the border, helping to keep hordes of refugees from entering the U.S. and draining taxpayer funds as well as taking jobs from citizens.

You may not like President Trump. Perhaps you’ve watched too much of MSNBC or CNN, who work 24/7 to destroy him. If you love America, however, and its traditions, laws and culture, then you want a president that has a long list of positive accomplishments. Vote against socialism. Sleepy Joe could never have done what President Trump has accomplished.

Dave Glubetich lives in Penn Valley.

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