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Dave Glubetich: Put all your cards on the table

I recently had an Other Voices commentary in The Union about law and order. It garnered many comments from readers who totally ignored the crime that is happening in our cities every day and focused on only one thing: the so-called Capitol insurrection of Jan. 6.

They said Republicans don’t support law and order, as it was their people who stormed the nation’s capitol in an act of insurrection against the U.S. government.

This tells me one thing: The Democrats are focusing their attention on the so-called Capitol insurrection and voting rights. They refuse to have meaningful conversations about border security, spiking crime, inflation, out-of-control spending, “woke” indoctrination, police resignations and criminals being put back onto the streets. They aren’t winning issues.

The Jan. 6 breach of our Capitol should never have happened. It was a dumb decision made by some of Trump’s most loyal supporters. Many on the left even call it an “armed assault.” Yet the only shot fired was by a Capitol policeman, which killed a female intruder from California. To score political points, the entire event is being overplayed.

They call it “insurrection,” which is defined as a violent uprising against an authority or government in an organized attempt to take control. That is not what happened.

Nor was it an act of white supremacy. It was simply a bad decision by upset people who were also mostly curious and in a party mood. In no way is it a viable reason for its use as an election issue against Republican candidates.

It’s just another Democratic ploy, similar to past Russian election interference charges against President Trump, which took valuable time away from more important issues and eventually were largely debunked.

The so called “invasion of our Capitol” simply gives the Democrats new talking points for the next election. Not only are Americans being denied information about what really happened at our Capitol, there are over 500 people locked up without the right of bail for the crime of “trespassing.” Remember how long left-wing agitators in past “peaceful demonstrations” stayed in jail after injuring policemen, burning down or looting businesses and creating mayhem, remained in jail? Maybe overnight.

For several months our nation’s Capitol was guarded by barbed wire, high fences and the National Guard. There is even a move to root out so called “white nationalists” from our military services. Does that mean Trump supporters?

Why this event even happened in the first place was because of election results many of us found questionable. It’s a stark reminder that above anything else our elections must be fair, and everyone should have full confidence that they are. Isn’t that something we can all strive for?

I fully understand Joe Biden won the election, as he had the required Electoral College votes. But do we all have the confidence that the election was fair and square? I don’t think so. How can an election that in many jurisdictions doesn’t require voters to show some form of identification be honest? How can we have confidence when political operatives are allowed to round up ballots at the last minute (ballot harvesting) and turn them in, in bundles? Who checks their authenticity?

The latest Democrat ploy is an attempt to pass a national voting law that would take voting laws away from the states and actually allow these extremely questionable voting methods to be used. Thanks to a handful of Democrats who won’t go along with this, it probably won’t pass this year.

There is nothing more sacred than one’s right to vote, to voice our opinions about how our government is run. It makes us feel good, knowing that we are contributing to our democracy. Don’t mess with that.

On the other hand, there is nothing more deplorable than having zero confidence our elections are fair. It drives one crazy. Elections must be won by discussing all the issues and making your case with the voters, and not tinkering with the system. Put all the cards on the table.

Dave Glubetich lives in Penn Valley.


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