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Dave Glubetich: PC, the Left’s lethal weapon

You’ve heard the jokes. There are times you may have tried your best to be politically correct. But you better take a closer look. Do you really know what the term means? Do you have any idea on how PC is being used to subjugate the soul of the American people?

PC is not free speech. PC doesn’t give a hoot about our Constitution and PC isn’t about fairness. It’s the exact opposite of many basic American values.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines PC as “conforming to a particular sociopolitical ideology or point of view, especially to a liberal point of view concerned with promoting tolerance and avoiding offense in matters of race, class, gender and sexual orientation.”

PC is now a political tool. It’s dangerous and its expanding. It’s the rule of law followed today by most media outlets, universities and large corporations.

It’s time to end political correctness. … Let’s replace it with common sense, human kindness and open minds.

Among the many “concerns” under the umbrella of PC are Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ rights, open borders immigration, social justice, white privilege and climate change. Anyone against these risks being labeled a racist. Even the dead are targets. They want to sanitize history by removing statues of Confederate leaders they deem as racists.

PC and its cousin “social justice” are so ridiculous that ESPN removed an Asian-American sportscaster — Robert Lee — from a football broadcast because they feared it would upset some people.

The term “racist” is thrown at anyone who isn’t part of the PC left. President Trump is called a racist because of his initial remarks about the recent Charlottesville incident. He condemned both sides … the white supremacist thugs as well as the thugs that came to do battle. The politically correct crowd, however, demanded Trump condemn only the Nazis and white supremacists. That fits into their definition of PC.

There was no way Trump could win. If he only condemned the alt-left thugs wearing helmets, masks and carrying baseball bats, he would have certainly been called a racist. By calling out both groups, they still called him a racist, because the PC police would only accept an attack on alt-right groups.

The truth is they never want him to win. It’s all part of the resist movement that goes hand in hand with politically-correct thinking. PC even has an underground army of supporters. Antifa and BAMN are coalitions that “defend affirmative action, integration and immigration rights and fight for equality by any means necessary.” Any means necessary includes an assortment of lethal weapons to prevent what is essentially a basic American right … free speech. If the Democratic Party has any moxie left, they need to put a stop to their left-wing support groups.

These left-wing attack dogs we are seeing so often in Berkeley are no different than the thugs in Venezuela who beat up anti-government protestors to support a socialist dictator and his failing government.

PC isn’t humorous nor is it anything we should pay attention to. It’s dangerous to everything we hold dear.

You can blame PC for changing the face of America, a nation that is the torch-carrier of Western civilization. Many on the left demand open borders with immigrants from every corner of Earth. They say it makes us stronger. It’s PC that prevents an honest look at how Muslim immigration in Europe is causing chaos and division.

PC doesn’t allow for open discussions on subjects where they deem the opposing side to be racist. Yet they define the term and set the rules. The reality is they are watering down the word “racist” so it means little today.

Open discussions about the clear differences between educated Muslims immigrants who would make good citizens versus those that have no desire to assimilate and demand Sharia Law would be helpful. It won’t happen because PC doesn’t allow it. They’re blind to what is really going on in U.S. inner cities and in Europe.

Today’s Democratic Party is a significant part of PC. They own it. A large sign proclaiming Black Lives Matter was seen in the Democrat booth at the recent Nevada County Fair. BLM is a PC-protected organization that is dead wrong in their assumptions that our police are murdering innocent blacks. They ignore what goes on in Chicago and other inner cities. And it’s the actions of BLM that are the root cause of many cold-blooded killings of police officers.

It’s time to end political correctness. Here is my suggestion. Let’s replace it with common sense, human kindness and open minds.

Dave Glubetich lives in Penn Valley.

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