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Dave Glubetich: Behind the Trump hate

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Dave Glubetich

For the Democrats, everything that matters is about President Donald Trump and their journey to destroy him.

He is hated by the left because he has been successful. He’s doing things they don’t like. And he is likely to be reelected if they can’t derail him first. Often, he’s an easy target, as he brings trouble onto himself because he is very open and outspoken. He speaks what’s on his mind.

To defeat Trump in 2020, they’ve got to destroy him now. One Dem congressman says if we can’t impeach him, he’ll win in 2020. If impeachment fails, another said, “it will be the end of the world.”

First, they put all their hope into the Mueller probe, expecting to find Trump embroiled in a conspiracy with Russia to change the course of our election. They failed miserably.

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So, impeachment proceedings have begun, based on their interpretation of what Trump said (or implied) to the President of Ukraine. The whistle blower who brought this to our attention is believed to be a Democrat operative, who even approached Congressman Adam Shift first to possibly talk strategy. Yet based on this flimsy evidence the Dems started their closed door impeachment proceedings, even before anyone knew what was said in the conversation.

They overlook how important it is for national leaders be able converse with other leaders in private. Not everything is everyone else’s business. The implications are the Dems saying presidents (Trump) shouldn’t have the right to private conversations. But won’t foreign leaders stop talking to our leaders because they fear conversation might go public?

The biggest and most vital issue in the 2020 election, however, isn’t Donald Trump, as the Democrats want you to believe. Rather it’s the damage any of them, if elected, would do the economy and the effects it would have on the hard-working people of the United States.

It’s Donald Trump, however, who is standing in their way. He’s our firewall.

The Dem candidates are stumbling all over themselves, trying to claim title of the most progressive. Nearly all of them want socialism, Medicare for all, open borders for just about anyone, reparations for African Americans, free college and higher taxes for the rich. The rich, by the way, who are the ones that create new businesses that employ millions of Americans.

Oh, the craziness doesn’t stop there either. They want abortion on demand, abolish the oil industry, and institute a destructive $15 nationwide minimum wage. They want to protect the Deep State that has nurtured their party for years.

What they’ll bring to America if they somehow beat Trump is absolutely crazy and extremely dangerous. Donald Trump is our firewall that is separating us from this potential destruction.

Take an in-depth look at what has happened over the past two years. Our economy is booming, more people of every race are working, 3.9 million Americans are now off food stamps, NAFTA is being replaced by a better deal, a record number of unnecessary job killing regulations eliminated, and we are finally taking on China for its trade abuses and theft of intellectual properties.

And how have the Democrats contributed to America’s recent progress? They haven’t. They wasted everyone’s time and energy trying to prove President Trump had Russian help in his election. Nope, turns out that didn’t happen. What’s next to waste their time on? Oh, yeah, impeachment based on an interpretation of a phone conversation.

Never mind that the subject of the phone conversation was Hunter Biden, the then vice-president’s son. That could be where real dirt can be found, but it’s a dark place the Dems will never explore.

If the 2020 election comes down to Trump’s record versus the crazy left, they’ll lose again, as they should.

We are doing quite well without their help.

Dave Glubetich lives in Penn Valley.

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