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Darrell Berkheimer: A liar seeks our trust; can we give it?

Darrell Berkheimer

I have tread somewhat lightly on the use of harsh criticisms of President Donald Trump in deference to conservative and Republican Party friends who back him for advancing their ideological views. But his latest foreign policy blunders, which threaten our nation’s security and the future of our citizens, has brought a halt to that approach.

I now find the current international situation just a little too scary to continue with that effort as President Trump is asking us, the American public, to trust him.

I suspect most folks reading this column grew up with parents often repeating, “You can never trust a thief, a cheat, or a liar.”

That was said many times when I was a youngster — especially by my mother and two grandmothers.

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And what else is President trump but a thief, a cheat and a liar?

He steals from all American taxpayers when he reassigns money to build a wall that has never gained wide approval — a wall that he said would be paid for by Mexico.

He steals more taxpayers’ money to finance the travel junkets to his rallies, which amount to nothing more than continual election campaigning — a form of cheating. And he cheats daily in his failure to honor the emoluments clause against accepting gifts.

But most of all, we know he is a liar!

Various news media have been counting. The last I noticed the tally is somewhere near 15,000 lies that he has told to the American public.

By itself, Trump’s abundance of lying to our citizens, on so many issues, should be considered an impeachable offense.

And now he asks us to trust him with a highly explosive international danger — and one that he has been instrumental in creating by withdrawing from the international agreement with Iran, and the assassination of Iranian military chief Quasem Soleimani.

Former Defense Department aides have labeled the killing of Soleimani a “reckless move,” one that makes us considerably “less safe” than we were before his assassination.

On the homefront, Trump’s domestic policies have been nothing but a series of chaotic events — not just one after another, but numerous ones occurring simultaneously. And his foreign policies have been termed disastrous.

Trump has failed in his trade war, hurting U.S. consumers and farmers more than anyone else. He has failed in his negotiations with Iran, turned Iraq into an enemy, increased the risks we face in dealing with North Korea, and pulled us out of the international climate accord.

In addition, his narcissism and erratic behavior has become the laughing stock of NATO members as well as most of our nation’s other friends.

But he asks us to trust him as he takes us to the threshold of war.

Trust implies credibility; and that is something Trump has failed to create.

He already has proven, on numerous occasions, that he is unpredictable and unreliable. His only consistency has been his continuing efforts to boost his own ego, and his demand for total loyalty to all his whims.

How many times have President Trump and members of Congress agreed to take certain actions, only to see him change his mind and renege — even with members of the party that keeps supporting him?

But he’s asking us to trust him.

So I’m asking: How can we?

His failures with domestic issues are bad enough; but at least they usually have little effect on our national security.

But his foreign policies – from his buddy-buddy relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, to adoration for other aspiring dictators, and now to his blustering attempts to negotiate with Iran – only yield more and more risks to our national security.

No, Mr. Trump. I am not ready to trust you. And I doubt that I ever will be.

At my age, you are not much of a threat to me. But you certainly are a threat to the future of our nation’s children and grandchildren, and whether they will ever have an opportunity to raise children in a safe environment.

Our children and grandchildren are our world’s greatest assets. And you have shown how little respect you have for children with your policies on the treatment of the children at our border.

I repeat, Mr. Trump: No, I do not trust you with our nation’s future. I want you and your lying corrupted cohorts out of office just as soon as possible — preferably by impeachment conviction, rather than having to wait until our next national election in November.

Is that answer definite enough, Mr. Trump?

A ‘spiffy’ downtown

I was struck by the attractiveness of Grass Valley’s central city area in my visits there since Thanksgiving, after a lot of the construction was completed.

The repaving of streets and installation of brick crosswalks — edged with wide, gleaming fresh white paint –— served to draw attention to the cleanliness appearance of the downtown area.

It was a pleasing appearance that prompted me to smile and feel an obligation to applaud the city’s leadership and employees for their work.

They have helped provide the city with a classy attractiveness quite conducive to drawing folks into shopping downtown. And that’s what many of us did.

Darrell Berkheimer, who lives in Grass Valley, is a frequent contributor to The Union. He is the author of six books available through Amazon. His latest, “Essays from The Golden Throne,” also is available at Book Seller in Grass Valley. Contact him at mtmrnut@yahoo.com.

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