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Dan Baldwin: Kudos for pickles, flowers and the wonderful people of Grass Valley

Dan Baldwin
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On a shopping trip to the Safeway market on Neil Street in Grass Valley today, I had yet another Safeway employee notice that this 72-year-old man was once again lost in the market.

I am an old man who has rarely ever shopped for groceries by himself. My wife has always done this for us, but because of some medical problems she is reluctantly sending me by myself to the store (with a cell phone) to buy strange items like pickles and au gratin potatoes.

After leading me to these items by this very nice employee, I was checking out with a bouquet of flowers for my wife. The young man standing behind me saw the bouquet and left the line to get his own bouquet. When I saw him place the flowers on his check out items, I said to him "Good choice. She'll appreciate that."

He replied that, "When we got together I promised her that she would always have fresh flowers. It's been three days now and she hasn't noticed that I don't have any flowers for her."

“Just because she hasn’t said anything,” I told him, “it doesn’t mean that she hasn’t noticed.”

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"Just because she hasn't said anything," I told him, "it doesn't mean that she hasn't noticed."

It's been 43 years now for my wife and I, and I keep trying to remind her that "men don't read minds. Tell me what you're thinking." She is slowly beginning to do this.

When I was loading my items into my car in the parking lot, I noticed this same young man walking to his car, grocery bag in one hand and a bouquet of flowers held behind his back. After putting the bag in the back seat, he opened the front door and handed the flowers to a young lady in the front seat.

I couldn't see her reaction, but I noticed that as they were driving away she was holding the bouquet in her hands and smiling broadly.

My kudos to both the excellent employees at Grass Valley Safeway for noticing an old man lost in the aisles, and all the young men who are learning the ins and outs of how to take care of their ladies.

To all these young men in this situation, you absolutely need to know that just because "she doesn't say anything" it doesn't mean that "she doesn't notice." To all the young ladies, you need to know that your young man "doesn't read minds. We are obtuse males who need to be told what you are thinking."

My kudos to all these wonderful people in Grass Valley.

Dan Baldwin lives in Grass Valley.

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