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Dan Baldwin: Dozen of things I learned from PG&E’s power shutdown

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Dan Baldwin

Recovering from the PG&E mandated, but unnecessary power outage, I have noted the following:

1. I am truly a senior citizen at 73 years old (“I didn’t think it would take so long to get old”).

2. Because I am retired, I don’t work Monday to Friday, or at all. I am a member of the “retired class”.

3. I am totally unprepared for nonexistent wind storms that the power company says will threatens my life and property.

4. My two freezers are way too overstocked with unnecessary frozen products. I have no way to provide lights or heat in my home without power. I am way too dependent on my TV for late night entertainment. I cannot read books in the dim light of a candle (I am not Abraham Lincoln).

5. After painstakingly waiting for commercial power to be restored, I do not need to rush to the few grocery stores that are still open to replace my previously frozen hamburger meat. After spending two days in the 19th century, I am glad to be finally returned back to the 21st century.

6. There are obviously hundreds of “working class Americans” who work Monday to Friday and can only get to the grocery stores (or gasoline stations) on Saturday or Sunday. I do not need to stand in front of them in line for the overworked checkout workers to politely take my cash.

7. I need to buy more firewood, power generators, batteries, and cell phone recharge cables before the next “mandated safety power stoppage”.

8. My children and grandchildren don’t need to worry so much about me and call me every two hours.

9. The “wealthy class” Americans can hire the “working class” Americans to perform all these functions. That is not me but may well be you. I thank you for still working.

10. I am sorry for creating problems for the working class but I am not sorry to be one of the retired class (I spent 45 years getting here).

11. I will not make these same mistakes again: even an old man like me can learn. I will try not to create problems of my own for you.

12. Finally, I must reluctantly thank Pacific Gas and Electric Co. for teaching me these life lessons. Thank you for screwing my community.

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