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Cynthia Hren: Families belong together

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Cynthia Hren

The nationwide June 30 “Families Belong Together” rally was organized several weeks prior.

Four “progressive” organizations sponsored this event:1 ) MoveOn is a George Soros funded organization that advocates to change our culture, and supports open borders (no borders); 2) National Domestic Workers Alliance advocates social justice issues for low income laborers and immigration reform; 3) American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) supports civil liberty issues and offers direct legal representation to immigrants; and 4) The Leadership Conference advocates for progressive change in the U.S.

The national media attacked President Trump for separating children from their parents who had broken our immigration laws. These laws have been in place for decades. Past presidents have also separated families according to these laws over many administrations.

Late in his term, Obama practiced “catch and release.” When illegal aliens were apprehended, they were released and told to appear at a future hearing. They rarely appeared, just blending into the population as more undocumented illegal aliens. MS-13 gang members were known to enter with someone’s child in tow to gain entry this way.

In April, Trump fulfilled a campaign promise and Attorney General Jeff Sessions stopped catch and release and implemented what has been called a zero tolerance practice. Now, aliens who enter our country illegally are detained until their hearing. That required accompanying children, who were not charged with illegal entry, to be separated and held in foster homes and similar quality care facilities. That is consistent with normal practice to not jail all family members when one commits a crime.

Many of the photos that went viral on the internet of children behind chain link fences were taken in 2014, under the Obama administration. But with the fake news media, facts don’t matter when Trump can be made to look bad.

On June 20, 10 days before these rallies, President Trump signed an executive order to stop the long-standing practice of separating children from their parents who entered our country illegally and is reuniting families today. We should thank our president for taking this action mandating families stay together. Even though the issues were resolved by this executive order, the rallies went on anyway as planned, and most people who turned out seemed to be oblivious to these recent policy changes by our president.

I arrived early to the rally Saturday morning on the corner of Brunswick and Sutton Way and planned to stay for an hour. Our group consisted of patriots who believe in securing our nation’s borders, legal immigration and following the law. The Families Belong Together rally organizers were also there early. We mutually agreed our two groups would take opposite sides of Brunswick Road, each group occupying two corners. We were pleasant and civil to one another.

Our patriot group was present at the rally to state our position on the border. We advocate for a wall that has designated check point entries that can accommodate and vet the people who are claiming asylum and attempting to enter our country. This is a much safer and humane way to deal with this issue than migrants crossing illegally through the desert. If we wish to remain a sovereign nation and protect American citizens, we need to have a secure border and abide by our immigration laws.

I believe everyone who came to the rally to support either group agrees families should stay together. We all support the well-being of children. However, crossing the border illegally with a child shouldn’t entitle one to a free pass to reside in our country. We already have difficulty in caring for our own impoverished poor; we cannot in addition be a lifeboat for the world.

I’m glad there’s no more separation of families, but I’m concerned about how these children arrive at our borders. The proper location to claim asylum is at an official port of entry. Migrants that likely don’t qualify for asylum instead journey across dangerous Mexican terrain rife with cartel gang members who extort and violently mistreat children and families trying to reach the remote border regions that have no walls.

Migrants die in the harsh desert trying to get to our southern border illegally.

Old videos of Presidents Clinton and Obama show them speaking on this issue quoting the famous line “we are a country of immigrants, but we are also a country of laws.” The activists used rhetoric with emotion and feelings, but they rejected factual dialogue. It seemed their objective was to open our borders to allow any foreigner, regardless of their criminal status or danger to American citizens, into our country, especially if they came with a child. “A country of laws” seems to be a thing of the past to many people these days.

Citizens who live near our borders will tell you that our country has severe problems with theft and border crime, drug cartels smuggling narcotics and opioids to our citizens, and trafficking of women and children.

Now that immigrant Families Can Stay Together, we need to allow our Border Patrol to vet foreign immigrants and build the wall to keep both immigrants and Americans safe. The future of our country depends on it.

Cynthia Hren lives in Nevada City.

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