Cynthia Hren: Biden gives reason for dread |

Cynthia Hren: Biden gives reason for dread

The Biden administration has set new goals to transform America. They refer to them as “Return to Normalcy,” or “The Great Reset.” This is a complete reversal of Trump’s individual liberties and free markets or “America First.” This new communist/Marxist agenda is headed for “America Last.”

I believe the new proposals destroy jobs and work to eliminate middle class working Americans. Biden angers his own voters when he cancels the Keystone Pipeline, affecting both union and non-union workers from all political views. The $15 minimum wage keeps entry-level applicants out of the market and inhibits employers from hiring, and spurs development of robotic replacements for routine jobs.

His unemployment insurance extensions work to disincentivize workers as many receive more in unemployment checks than were paid while working. This promotes playing the system of working only enough to collect, then quit and apply for benefits.

He prioritizes and promotes the rights of illegals at the expense and welfare of legitimate Americans. The concept of open borders, eliminating Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the granting of generous incentives will promote a huge increase in illegal border crossing. These incentives would include work permits for illegals, immediate welfare, federal student aid and free college, asylum and support of sanctuary cities, mass amnesty, free health care, and housing assistance. No other country allows these rights to non-citizens.

I believe these taxpayer-funded proposals violate our immigration laws, increase crime, disease and homelessness, not to mention inviting in enemy terrorist sleeper cells. It would create further chaos in the work force with increasing low-skilled labor and overwhelms our border towns. Already, caravans are forming from Latin America.

Despite the previous outcry over alleged “Kids in Cages” at the border, Biden’s administration has put even more children behind bars in detention camps, apart from parents.

Biden’s foreign policy is angering allied nations. Israel and Arab allies totally oppose his efforts to restore the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran. Canada is angry over the pipeline cancellation, and Mexico is scaling back their support to reduce cross-border drug smuggling and human trafficking.

Will Biden break his promise to reopen schools after pressure from teachers’ unions? The White House first said opening one day per week would be the goal, before Biden changed to open five days a week in his first 100 days, which still has not occurred Parents on all sides are angry over these prolonged closures.

We do not know exactly who influences Biden — the Chinese Communist Party, elite globalists, or even the Obamas and Clintons? — but we do know his corrupt, tyrannical proposals will bankrupt and destroy this country. His agenda is a recipe for communism and the end of freedom.

Here is a partial listing of what I see:

— More regulations over businesses, organizations and individuals.

— Higher taxes, especially on the wealthy (those who invest in business).

— Threats to the Second Amendment (gun confiscation to disarm the people).

— The Green New Deal and clean energy (end of domestic oil and energy independence).

— Socialized medicine (bureaucracy that reduces effective care).

— COVID-19 testing, mask-wearing and possibly vaccine mandates.

— Cancel culture/censorship.

— Promoting transgenderism to children.

— Eliminating school choice and/or abolishing charter schools.

— Mandating zero carbon emissions for homes, offices, vehicles and power plants. A “Build Back Better” policy.

— Open borders, ending travel bans, including from jihadist regions.

— And more proposals to come.

How much pain and suffering will we endure before Americans are aware enough to fight back against this trampling of our constitutional rights? It starts at the grassroots level and paying attention to what your local elected officials are doing in your communities. Are they following this communist agenda or promoting free speech and law enforcement?

Now is the most important time to speak your truth, form or join a group of like-minded peaceful citizens who can stand up against an authoritarian governing body. This is a larger issue than just Biden’s proposals.

It is ultimately the people you put in charge of your government who give or deny the God-given freedoms embodied in our Constitution. Support a recall of the corrupt, tyrannical politicians and seek candidates that represent your values and beliefs in individual liberties. Our future success as a nation depends upon it.

Cynthia Hren lives in Nevada City.

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