Cindi Anderson: Let’s think about impacts if opposed to Rise Gold |

Cindi Anderson: Let’s think about impacts if opposed to Rise Gold

Let’s look at the big picture. This community was founded with gold mining, the timber industry and ranching. These are heritage industries that built this area.

Granted, the gold mining of the 2020s and beyond is not that of the 1900s and before. In today’s world things have become so very scrutinized that a person can’t even change a water heater without their local county government becoming involved in some communities.

Gage McKenny wrote a book about our local area called “No Depression Here,” about how Nevada County didn’t even know what the rest of the country was going through. Granted, that was the 1930s and we are in 2021 now.

When I read how opposed people are about Rise Gold reopening the mine, I shudder! Not because of opening the mine, but the attitude that goes along with the opposition.

I think we need to really consider what era we are in — 2021. More restrictions than 1930s. The Draft Environmental Impact Report on the water needs to be looked at and considered no matter who does this report. Remember, more water is sent to the oceans to support the aquatic life, fish, than is supplied to households.

Now the reality of it all. When I was young, our school visited the Loma Rica Ranch, and Henry Freitas showed us around and taught us what a working horse ranch was all about. Amazing to think of that history alone.

Fast forward to 2021 and as I drive past Loma Rica Ranch, I think about not just the fact that part of our heritage is going away, but also the fact that someday there will be hundreds of homes in this area.

When our family moved here, they had just developed what is called Starbright Acres, which was a ranch, also. I believe the difference is we came here to be involved in the community as it was, without wanting to change things and bring with us what we were getting away from. The area off of Gold Flat Road, Ridge Road, and the area behind the new Safeway is all new houses and condos.

These can all work if we work with new industries. Rise Gold is one of those industries. They will bring jobs and economic values to our area maybe with less impact than the developments that are going on. We need the people to work these jobs with the development of our resources. Not only within the mine, but also the management of the water, new products developed from the waste of the overburden.

They talk about the fact that “200 trucks a day“ will be working. I worked at Brunswick Sawmill and there were close to that many trucks delivering to that mill daily. There were not 200 trucks a day all at once, but 50 trucks making four loads a day to that mill or the equivalent, not all at one time. That was in the 1980s with less infrastructure than today.

They talk about the impact and concerns that Rise Gold will have. What kind of an affect do you think these homes with the number of people living in those homes will have on not only our water, but also the ecosystem that once was in the meadow on the west side of Brunswick Road at Idaho Maryland Road?

Does anybody think about the sewage, water, riparian areas, air quality, traffic, road conditions, the serpentine rock disturbance and the concerns of asbestos within the rock?

Economic impact on our area alone needs to be considered. How many of these people will buy locally and not down the hill or over the internet? I don’t want the superstores here. We moved here, accepted this area for what it was. Never once did we want to bring what we left behind. We moved away from it for a reason.

I, as someone who grew up in this area, need to voice my opinion on having a company come to our area to create jobs and a strong economic base that supports our local area and maybe return our heritage industry, gold mining.

Don’t get me started on the timber industry. So, before you point your fingers at companies like Rise Gold, consider your friends and family and don’t ignore what made this area or you may be pointing your finger right back at yourself for the one who really impacted our area, not Rise Gold. Who is calling the kettle black?

Cindi Anderson lives in Grass Valley.

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