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Chuck Frank: We’re in a giant cesspool

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Chuck Frank

For many people that follow the news, understanding what FISA is all about may be challenging for some so it is my desire here to shed a lot more light and importance on the subject.

“The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act was passed for the purpose of providing oversight for foreign intelligence surveillance activities.” It has also been used for the purpose of investigation and warrants with regard to foreign terrorism.

Their activities might include tracing telephone, cellphone and email use, conducting physical searches or accessing business records.

“FISA applies only to “foreign powers” and “agents” of foreign powers. Basically, this means that FISA is used to gather information about people who work for the governments of other countries. Investigators are “typically” (my quotes) not allowed to target U.S. citizens under FISA. In fact, if information about a U.S. citizen is accidentally discovered, the law requires those records to be destroyed.”

Also, a FISA warrant can be requested, even by the president to monitor U.S. citizens believed to be acting on behalf of a foreign power. And to shore up the efficiency and power of FISA a super secret court was established with a purpose to review and rule on search warrant requests made under the umbrella of the FISA act.

While on the surface this may all seem very proper, take note that these important Federal judges are appointed without confirmation or oversight by Congress. So what is seen here is a risk factor and a fourth amendment infringement because, in effect, the recent cavalier approach by this court mistakenly issued a surveillance warrant on behalf of the FBI reflecting the activities of the President of the United States — and this potentially undermines the legitimacy of any succeeding candidate for office in any political contest and therefore demonstrates a severe strike at liberty and the very foundation of the American Republic.

Additionally, “The U.S. Attorney General must also certify to the court that the target of the investigation is a foreign power or an agent of a foreign power. These requirements parallel what Department of Justice officials would need to demonstrate in FISA court in order to obtain a FISA court warrant. It is worth remembering that the FISA courts were set up to stop foreign terrorists, not investigate domestic political campaigns.”

It is simply outrageous that the FBI, the DOJ and other major players were involved in what has become the greatest treasonous act of our time while using a secret federal court to do the dirty work.

And during the debacle, after our dear mainstream media players shuffled the deck, a Trump card was played. This entire event reads like a spy novel with the flavor of our friend Inspector Clouseau who is on a mission to clean up the DOJ, the FBI, and the CIA from the top down.

So, let’s just get on with it, while were in the midst of a giant cesspool that needs to be drained.

Does anyone second the motion?

Chuck Frank lives in Penn Valley.


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