Chuck Frank: A state, nation about to fall from grace |

Chuck Frank: A state, nation about to fall from grace

Chuck Frank
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A good many American people began their descent into the dreaded black hole around the same time that President Bill Clinton left office.

That allowed our corporations to expand their relocation overseas and also into Mexico. Banks were also then given Clinton’s gift of deregulation, which had protected America’s financial health ever since the Great Depression of the 1930s. Finally, the banks gambled with high-risk investments spearheading the 2008 financial meltdown that transpired, while housing foreclosures ran at 3.1 million in 2008 alone, to where families lost their houses.

In retrospect, there were now two dreadful mistakes President Clinton and Congress left us with. The first one was NAFTA, which was meant to “bring more jobs to America” through free and fair trade. That didn’t happen. Unemployment just got worse and in the end, who got rich off of that deal? It was many of the corporations and the high rollers.

While America began sinking to new lows, and deficit spending by the trillions was in order by the Obama Administration, multiculturalism was also an agenda being pushed by that same administration while Congress looked the other way. The caliber of those people being brought into America during those years had not been vetted properly by those agencies who were paid to evaluate incoming immigrants. Those agencies at that time were mostly interested in the “placement money” and were not concerned about the safety of the American citizens or how well these immigrants would assimilate. It is obvious that during those recent years, thousands upon thousands of immigrants, who were placed in various cities, have become, brick by brick, a foundation of potential civil unrest.

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Historically this has been used in Marxist philosophy and teachings for the purpose of bringing a country to a low point in order to topple a free and democratic society and thus replace it with an inferior form of tyrannical rule. At this point, the people either have no say or they are given the appearance of having a say while a charade of politicians offers a structure of formality for the people’s input which will never transpire.

It’s no different than trickle-down economics, which never happens when there is a deceptive agenda supporting big government, runaway California taxation, corruption, kickbacks, not enough doctors, expensive health-care plans, bloated government pensions, and finally deficit spending to cover all of the gross mismanagement of state government funds. The middle class, which pays a good percentage of the taxes, will also be paying for all of the interest on California’s deb, which is the largest debt of any state in the union.

And the state Capitol is looking to bring in even more immigrants by the hundreds of thousands while the middle class bears the brunt of this great welfare fiasco. The middle class is reeling from over-taxation in a state that has about the highest prices of property in America, and thus, property taxes and home insurances alone are killing the average homeowner.

Even so, there has been a proposal by the state legislature to even tax the water. Imagine that.

Now, take note of the burden of the sanctuary state, counties and those cities such as Seattle, L.A., Sacramento and San Francisco and place this into the mix and everyone will suffer with the exception of the top 10%. But then add the desire for immigrants not to assimilate, one is left with a broken model that becomes the last and final brick in a city, a state and a nation which is about to fall from grace.

It is high time that Americans who see the writing on the wall to take America back before it is too late. These cities which are infected with crime are already becoming commonplace, and especially so on the West Coast.

Chuck Frank lives in Penn Valley.

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