Cheryl Cook: Multicultural team wins Little League World Championship |

Cheryl Cook: Multicultural team wins Little League World Championship

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Cheryl Cook

On Saturday, Aug. 25, Barbara Samardich wrote an op-ed entitled, “Both parties ignore ‘multiculturalism does not work.’”

As we read the column in The Union that same morning, a multi-cultural Little League team from West Oahu, Hawaii, was beating a team from Georgia to win the U.S. Little League Championship.

Baseball. America’s favorite pastime. An iconic tradition of American culture.

There was a time until the 1940s when American baseball was about All-American as a slice of apple pie with a biased-flavored scoop of “Vanilla Only” on top.

… this amazing country is so much bigger than protecting small-minded, lingering prejudices.

But not anymore.

In the op-ed, the writer posed the question of whether “the great diversity of the 20th and 21st centuries has resulted in furthering the common good or whether it has dissolved the unity and cohesiveness of America.”

Ask the team of young 12 and 13-year-olds from Hawaii if multiculturalism works.

Ask pitcher Aukai Kea who struck out 15 batters in the final game where they beat Georgia 3-0 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Ask Sean Yamaguchi, Bruce Boucher, Jace Souza, Sean Yamaguchi, Caleb Okada, Ka’olu Holt and John de la Cruz.

This young team has learned at a tender age the power of being able to work together in bringing their personal strengths to form that stronger union of common good and cohesiveness.

What has really “dissolved the unity and cohesiveness of America” is not the historical immigration of ethnic groups. Diversity doesn’t take over or dilute. Diversity enriches. Tolerance teaches.

What divides America is an irrationally compulsive defense of our own political tribe, color, religion, or leaders, instead of putting the unity and cohesiveness of our country first.

Edward Erler, Cal State University, San Bernadino, is quoted in the column as writing that “ … Diversity enforces its ideological liberalism with an iron fist that is driven by political correctness.”

Or maybe diversity just wants a chance to play on an even playing field where everyone has their chance at bat to keep hitting those line drives down the middle and advancing the other runners on their team.

We the people don’t share one national origin, one designated true religion, or one fascist loyalty to a single political party. We are notorious for reveling in the glory of individual freedom.

Most of us can still eat nachos and watch NASCAR at the same time.

Want to preserve the American culture? Show us all something worth preserving! Because this amazing country is so much bigger than protecting small-minded, lingering prejudices.

The day after The Union column was published, our American Little League National Champions beat South Korea in the World Series 3-0. Pitcher Ka’olu Holt led the team to victory. He smiled with every strike he threw.

This is your team. This is the team that represented all of us in the Little League World Series.

Multiculturalism doesn’t work?

Hawaii, U.S.A. just showed the whole world that it works. For the World Series Little League Champions, it worked just fine. I can’t help but smile.

Cheryl Cook lives in Penn Valley.

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