Cheryl Cook: Double, double collusion trouble |

Cheryl Cook: Double, double collusion trouble

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Cheryl Cook

Fire burns. Cauldron bubbles. (Shakespeare’s Macbeth, adapted.)

On behalf of all women in American history who were pillared and pummeled on a square, scorched at the stake, or drowned in religious hysteria at a Puritan pond … may I respectfully call out in their name:

The Impeachment Inquiry is not a Witch Hunt!

It is an investigation into the use of presidential power to solicit foreign interference in an election.

Impeachment is not a witch hunt, a coup, or a hoax. It is a legal process set forth in our Constitution.

President Trump asked the newly elected Ukranian president to manufacture an investigation into accusations against his political opponent’s son.

Zelensky replied, “I’m sorry, but I don’t want to be involved in democratic open elections, elections of USA.”

When Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014, President Obama traveled to Eastern Europe to assure NATO countries that the U.S. would support their defense against an invading Russia. Congress issued military funds for Ukrainian troops who were outnumbered and out-weaponed against Russian troops.

But in May 2018, the approved delivery of 210 javelin hand-held missiles was halted until Ukraine stated it would halt cooperation with Mueller’s Trump-Russia investigation against Paul Manafort. Ukrainian lawmakers said it feared upsetting Trump and jeopardizing the supply of anti tank Javelin missiles.

In July of this year, Trump once again stalled the delivery of Javelin missiles past the due date, picked up the phone, and told newly elected President Zelensky, “the United States has been very very good to Ukraine … I would like you to do us a favor though …”

Our first president, George Washington, warned against “the insidious wiles of foreign influence.” But the 45th president not only welcomed it from Russia, he solicited it from Ukraine.

Trump sends our Attorney General, William Barr, to visit leaders of foreign countries to reinvestigate the origins of the Mueller investigation.

Barr hunts down any information that might disparage the very intelligence agencies over which he presides, when the FBI and CIA not only substantiated Russian interference in our election but warned of the overwhelming evidence that they would do it again.

This administration continues the fight to lift sanctions against Russia for invading Ukraine and interfering in our election, advocates for Russia rejoining the G7, weakens NATO, and presses Zelensky to meet with Putin. In effect, Trump continues to aid and abet Russia, a foreign adversary that still occupies parts of a country that we have pledged to protect from Russian military aggression.

A dinner guest recently brought me a bottle of Trump wine. It sits with its label turned to a cold kitchen wall.

You know I love ya, Joe, but when the Impeachment Inquiry begins, I plan to empty the bottle of wine into my cauldron. I will add eye of potato, tripe of pig, a shot of Russian Vodka, and a front tooth from Rudy Guiliani.

I will peer into the mess and attempt to predict the future.

If a rotten Russian turnip rises to the top, I will know that Trump’s obsession with exonerating and appeasing Russia has compromised his ability to defend our nation from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

I predict Trump will be impeached and either Trump or the turnip will be removed.

When Americans can no longer believe in the honesty of their leaders, in equal justice under the law, or the right of free elections, there is no longer a democracy.

When an American president withholds military defense weaponry that has been passed by Congress to shake down a foreign government for a personal favor, and that favor is to find dirt on a political opponent in his presidential race, that, my fellow Americans, is an impeachable offense. Impeachment is not a witch hunt, a coup, or a hoax. It is a legal process set forth in our Constitution.

That act is worse than redirecting U.S. Air Force planes from European bases to an airport near a Trump golf course in Scotland, suggesting that global leaders occupy rooms in a Trump property in order to have an audience with the president, or threatening civil war within the country he has sworn to unite.

So keep your tribe, your political ideology, your blind support of any party candidate, your thoughts, prayers, guns, prejudices, and your vote. We Americans disagree on many things in our country. But there is still one thing that unites us all.

Our rule of law.

Shakespeare’s Macbeth was racked by paranoia over the horrid acts he committed in order to protect himself from being exposed for his crimes. It transformed him into tyrant and madman in the end.

Double, double, Trump’s in trouble.

(I couldn’t find an ending rhyme for “trouble”, so just put your lips together and … whistle!)

Cheryl Cook lives in Penn Valley.

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