Charles Wilder: Trump has no plan |

Charles Wilder: Trump has no plan

Regarding the July 27 guest column, “For Dems, it’s anyone, anything but Trump” by Manny Montes, Democrats are compared to rodents; Hillary and Obama still live rent free in your head as the cause of our imminent demise; you don’t read The Union’s own publisher’s column where he explained how Trump won three states by 78,000 votes with Russia’s help, and you’ve labeled any criticism of this monster in the White House as an unAmerican, unpatriotic, person who would take your personal constitutional rights away while burning the flag.

But real issues? Where is your long-promised health plan to replace your hated ACA? Where is your infrastructure plan to fix our roadways and bridges? Where is your plan for climate change and the resulting nationwide flooding and ever hotter heat waves? Do you have a plan for solar and wind to replace oil and gas? Where is your plan to assist our ever growing homeless population? Where is your plan to give American workers wages that match our steadily rising living standards? (A minimum wage of $30 an hour, not $15 is what it really takes to live anywhere in this country, let alone California.) The self righteous party of fiscal conservatism has proven itself to be bold faced liars for the last 10 years. Your own revered national spokesperson, Rush Limbaugh, has publicly stated that it was always a lie.

The “Support Our Troops” mantra from the right has been another joke played on unsuspecting Americans who believe they’re supporting our troops but now find they were contributing to a fund to pay $3 billion for a wall that you promised Mexico was definitely going to pay for! Moscow Mitch McConnell won’t even bring a security measure to protect us from Russian interference in our next election to the floor of the Senate for a vote, for fear it would delegitimize the already illegitimate president.

And war? Bombing Iran is coming closer every day and conservative right is perfectly fine sending our young men and women into the abyss. That’s how you “support our troops.” And separating families at our borders? I don’t care who started this; I don’t care if they put the kids in the Hilton Hotel, it is wrong on too many levels to count! Where are all the good Christians who should be stepping up to house these children until their asylum hearings occur? Are they the same people I see at Trump’s rallies hollering “Send her back?” The $2 trillion tax break the GOP just gave to the rich should be rescinded and dedicated to pay for our infrastructure plan. Your “Big Money” corporate friends accomplished the largest stock buy back in history with our money!

Here’s your scorecard, conservatives:

Trump met with Valdimir Putin: Six times.

Trump met with Robert Mueller: Zero times.

Trump has no plan. He makes it up, minute by minute. And all he and your minions can talk about is Hillary Clinton.

Charles Wilder lives in Nevada City.

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