Charisse Lolli: Nevada County money driving Dollar General plans? |

Charisse Lolli: Nevada County money driving Dollar General plans?

We still don’t want another Dollar General Store! Thanks to The Union for sharing the bottom line on the status of the Dollar General invasion into Nevada County by letting us know that the “staff recommended approval of stores in Alta Sierra and Penn Valley.”

There seems to be no negative factors that cannot be fixed with the Penn Valley site, so it appears bound for approval (?), but the report for the Alta Sierra site asks for the county Planning Commission to grant approval of the statement of “overriding consideration” in spite of the unavoidable substantial negative impacts that are acknowledged! For the Alta Sierra development to continue its approval process, the Planning Commission must adopt the statement of “overriding considerations.”

Although the results of allowing this development imposes these exposed horrible results upon its residents, the overriding considerations suggested by the Planning Department staff seem to be fixed upon economically lining the county coffers, with no direct future benefit for those living near the development zone! Our unified hope is that our planning commissioners will judge more responsibly than the staff, and secure what we find important — our way of life within this rural environment.

After reading most of the 1,500 pages submitted as the Final EIR, I found very small changes from the draft version. Most of the original positions were reiterated, minimizing the residents’ concerns about the development, which included incompatible design with neighboring properties, removal of over 100 mature trees, increased traffic, roadways that are not maintained, lighting and glare upon dark neighborhoods, parking reductions, limited evacuation routes, annual flooding, etc.

But the EIR concludes that at the Alta Sierra site, regarding its lighting and aesthetics: “There are no additional mitigation measures available that could reduce this impact to a level of insignificance. Therefore, the proposed project’s contribution to this cumulative impact would be cumulatively considerable and significant and unavoidable.” You would think that would be the end of it, but again, in spite of this finding, the staff has recommended the project for development!

The residents keep expressing their opposition to this project and keep having to show up for repeated meetings, but it looks like we’ll have to keep doing so. We need to keep expressing our opinions to our government seat that we are not willing to give away our way of life.

Regarding the Rough and Ready site, we’re so glad that it has not been recommended. I’m only sorry it took this much effort for the lunacy behind that plan to be exposed.

Charisse Lolli lives in Grass Valley.

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