Chad Deihl: COVID-19 — false positive |

Chad Deihl: COVID-19 — false positive

I just wanted to write in and share my recent experience with the LHI Care free COVID-19 testing being offered in Grass Valley. Back on Dec. 18, a friend with whom I live in the same household and I decided we would go get tested because we hadn’t yet. This is the only location we know of that will still provide you a free test even if you have not had symptoms, which is great for people who might be asymptomatic who want to be tested. Other facilities and doctors will not refer you to a test unless you are already having symptoms.

After our testing was complete on Dec. 18, we were told we would have results within four to six days. They were back within 48 hours. Neither of us had any symptoms. Mine came back positive and his came back negative. My psyche was immediately affected, thinking about all the different possibilities of what might happen next. We then took additional precautions at home as recommended. We waited the full 10 days of quarantine with a plan to be retested after the 10 days.

This time, we scheduled with the same facility, but also with our own clinic, Stallant Health in Weimar. Our test in Weimar was a rapid test and both of ours came back negative. Neither of us had any symptoms the entire time. We then followed up with the Grass Valley site for our retest and as expected, both came back negative.

This process has told me that even though I tested positive, and the county was notified of such, that it’s very important for people to be proactive because my first test was a false positive. Somewhere in that testing process, my sample became affected, whether it was COVID-19 in the air in that facility landing on my swab before or a mix-up during the actual test verification.

While it ruined our Christmas and New Year’s plans, I was happy to be proactive and do the right things vs. infecting other people. But there are likely many others who aren’t taking that second step of verifying their positive result when they’ve had no symptoms.

I am a 43-year-old male who has cancer, so it was especially important for me to stay on top of it, and I am sure there are many others in the same boat.

Chad Deihl lives in Grass Valley.

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