Caryn Marshall Wilder: Trump not making it great for all Americans |

Caryn Marshall Wilder: Trump not making it great for all Americans

Several months ago I wrote to The Union in response to letters from some conservative voices in our community.

Each of these letters proclaimed vociferously that Donald Trump was going to turn this country around and make it great again for all Americans. I implored conservative writers to respond and comment on all the specific ways Mr. Trump has improved our country to the benefit of all Americans. I promised I would ask about passed legislation with the question, “How does this legislation benefit all Americans?”

Mr. Hren responded on March 10 with vague assertions that “there have already been numerous benefits to all Americans and many more are to come.”

So far, President Trump has signed 40 pieces of legislation. None of them seemed noteworthy enough to require the pomp and ceremony extended to each signing. The majority of the new legislation was devoted to repealing laws enacted to protect Americans from unethical business practices, which will be felt by young and old alike all across the country. Not surprisingly, the new health care bill, which promised so much yet delivered so little, is choking to death on its own vomit.

Feeling our voices have been heard, compromise can be reached and the majority of Americans will graciously accept the outcome when the scales have been fairly balanced.

I have read many letters in The Union from conservative contributors who, while demeaning and insulting liberal writers without offering any proven facts to support their ideology, demand that everyone “give our president a chance” and be “more open minded” about him.

Most jobs give you a six-month probationary period. In my opinion, Mr. Trump has flunked his. Lines have been crossed that cannot be uncrossed and our country’s standing on the world’s stage has been diminished. During President Obama’s tenure, Republicans used their majority status to block and obstruct every piece of legislation he introduced. They filibustered and criticized and laughed all the way to their personal banks. They weren’t concerned about “average, hard-working Americans” then and they aren’t concerned about them now.

When Republicans in the Senate forbade former President Obama to appoint his selected nominee to the Supreme Court and then changed their own voting rules to seat their preferred nominee, that was the straw that broke the civil camel’s back. Now the court will be used to referee any matter that dismays the President. If Dave Glubetich thinks the local town hall was disrespectful of Doug LaMalfa, he should remember that Mr. LaMalfa is supposed to represent all of his constituents. He is supposed to think about what’s best for his district and not just vote the party line. People who feel their voice hasn’t been heard have every right to be angry and to hold their representatives accountable.

This president has already run up hundreds of millions of dollars in Secret Service protection costs and Air Force One trips flying to his golf courses every other weekend. The small towns around Mar-a-Lago and Bedford, New Jersey are stuck with logistical and financial nightmares trying to protect him when he arrives, often with little or no advance notice. While they’re scrambling to pay for these services, the president’s personal bank account swells from all the gawkers hoping to obtain a selfie with him. Sending his children to Saudi Arabia, China and South America to look after all their business empires requires dozens of Secret Service agents to accompany them on each trip. They reap, we pay.

The Russia probe is proclaimed a witch hunt and Americans should just let it go even though unassailable proof has shown that Russia did indeed influence our election. Can any conservative honestly say that if you put the words Hillary Clinton and Russian election interference in the same sentence, there wouldn’t be a stampede to impeach her if this shoe was on the Democratic foot? If Chelsea Clinton had a meeting with a Russian operative, would she be excused because she is “new at this”?

Political disagreement and debate has always been a healthy part of our country’s history. Feeling our voices have been heard, compromise can be reached and the majority of Americans will graciously accept the outcome when the scales have been fairly balanced.

However, something sneaky and underhanded has been going on for the last 20 years in Washington D.C., and the fingers point correctly and directly at the old white men running the Republican party. This president has shown where his priorities lie and they are not with most of the American people.

Give him a chance? He’ll get the same chance from me that you gave to President Obama.

Caryn Marshall Wilder lives in Nevada City.

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