Carole Carson: An invitation to dance in the rain |

Carole Carson: An invitation to dance in the rain

Carole Carson

Vivian Greene, a British author, said: “Storms happen. Learn to dance in the rain.”

Because of the coronavirus, we are in the middle of a big storm, perhaps the biggest of our lives. And in the midst of this storm, we might as well learn to dance.

In the spirit of uplifting each other, I’m asking you to send me stories about kindness and compassion that you’ve witnessed so I can write about them for The Union.

I’m also going to be sharing gallows humor, like the joke my brother, Harlan, in Iowa sent me. He said when he went to Walmart, he was stopped at the door and told to wear a mask and gloves. He did as he was told, but he was embarrassed because everyone else was wearing clothes.

OK. Maybe not the funniest joke, but I bet it made you smile.

I’d also like to share creative ideas for helping one another. Again, from Iowa, the Unity Point hospital system has put out a call to sewers and seamstresses to sew surgical quality masks for medical personnel. If you can sew, here’s where you can find the pattern: I purchased 0.3-micron filter cloth on Amazon. I’ll be making them for neighbors and friends.

Another idea popping up in other parts of the country: Closed restaurants are cooking food from their supplies and making the dinners available free for pickup. One of the first to do so was Chef Jose Andres in Washington, D.C. who realized people still have to eat. He turned his shuttered restaurants into community kitchens.

And I have my own story to tell. Several days ago, after more and more snow kept falling at our home on upper Banner, I was on my driveway at the street shoveling snow. I needed to get to town to buy needed antibiotic for my husband who, with terrible timing, had four abscessed teeth. A truck with a plow in front and a sign, Trees Unlimited on its side, stopped. The driver got out, introduced himself as Jim, and asked me what I was doing.

I told him I had to shovel enough snow to get to town for medicine for my husband. He told me I was “too old to be shoveling snow” and insisted on plowing the driveway up to the house so I could be sure of getting my car out. This was one time I didn’t mind being told I was “too old.”

When he finished, I offered to pay him but his wife, Sherry, who was with him, shook her head no. He said it was their good deed for the day. Certainly, it made my day a whole lot easier, and their generosity even now lifts my spirits.

This is, I admit, a very long-winded invitation to send me your ideas, jokes, and stories of generosity and kindnesses so I can share them in The Union. Knowing that we have the capacity to inspire one another other can make these difficult days memorable.

You can reach me by text or phone (530-263-4072) or email:

Carole Carson, who lives in Nevada City, is an author, former AARP website contributor, and leader of the 2004 Nevada County Meltdown.

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