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Bob Hren: Yes, it’s time to put country over party

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Bob Hren

That recent opinion piece headline in The Union is absolutely true; when I read it I thought that for once a leading local Democrat had it right. Alas, not so.

The local Dem attempted to soft pedal Hillary’s many crimes, lies and failures, and has a good writing style to draw in and lull any reader. The local Dem frequently quotes the liberal press to support her positions —the press that has blatantly covered up Hillary’s and Bill’s many serious transgressions. But a more learned and truthful assessment makes it very clear that it is indeed time for Dems to put country over party. Let me touch on just a few points to back that statement.

A country without borders cannot survive. Hillary has professed her desire to continue and to double or triple down on Obama’s failures to enforce the border against illegal entry. She dreams of a hemisphere with no borders. She will increase the number of undocumented Muslim immigrants from Syria and other hotbeds of radical Islamic terrorism; even the current administration admits it is not possible to fully vet these people. Trump will protect our borders, and will require full and aggressive vetting. The humanitarian tragedy of these migrants can be better resolved by Trump’s plan to encourage creation of safe zones in the middle east.

Of course that dream of a hemisphere without borders is her “private” position, vs the “public” position she keeps on many controversial issues. Do you realize what it means to profess different private vs. public positions? That is called lying. Without the Wikileaks revelations, we would not have known of these and many other lies by Hillary.

Yes, it is time for Democrats to vote for country over party.

Then there are the millions in dollars accepted by the Clinton Foundation from foreign governments (mostly Islamic dictatorships that suppress women’s rights) while Hillary was Secretary of State. The pay to play scheme, via a Canadian branch of their Foundation, has never been fully investigated. The foundation hides behind a Canadian rule that protects the identity of donors. The sale of the U.S. uranium reserves to a Russian company had to be approved by Hillary’s State Department, and of course after payments to the Clinton Foundation, the approval was granted. This is just one of dozens of similar pay to play schemes that personally enriched the Clintons while she was Secretary of State.

But the Clinton Foundation does good work, right? Wrong. Many of the funds sent to relief efforts in Haiti through the foundation went missing, with again no investigation of complaints from Haiti.

On the point of mishandling highly confidential documents, all the elements of a felony committed by Hillary and her close staff were articulated by the FBI director, who then inexplicably said no prosecutor would pursue the case. He further muddied the water by claiming there was no intent to mishandle the confidential documents. Well, the federal criminal code Title 18, Section 793(f) does not require intent, only gross negligence, which is what occurred. Many others have been convicted of doing much less than Hillary. So, once again, this is proof that laws are for the little guys and the Clintons are above the law.

Hillary lies are numerous, proven and routinely covered up by the press. As the FBI director’s statement on July 5 and the State OIG report both demonstrated, Secretary Clinton and her representatives made numerous statements later shown to be false, that she never sent or received any: classified information, information that was classified at the time, information marked as classified; that she established the private server to use one device; said that the State Department approved it, her attorneys reviewed each of her emails in sorting them for deletion or production, turned over all her federal records; would cooperate with any inquiries, and would encourage her associates to cooperate as well.

All are documented lies.

Word constraints limit what can be covered here, but much remains to be written about Hillary’s dark side, including her cover up and attacks against the many women that Bill abused, her stealing of public property when leaving the White House (and, more recently the State Department), her failures as Secretary of State including Libya, Benghazi, Iran, the Russian reset, Syria, and others, her improper manipulation of the primary election via the DNC and the press and her cooperation with other Dems for the past 50 years to rig elections across the country.

Yes, it is time for Democrats to vote for country over party.

Bob Hren lives in Nevada County.


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